These 2 Grannies Get Into A $200,000 Lamborghini. Watch When They back The Car Out…

Almost every young man dream about lamborghini, the sport car that can fast feed you the adrenaline. But dear friends these days something unexpected happened related with this super fast dream sport car. Actually i mean not with the car but with the 2 cure drivers.
But who’s to say two grannies shouldn’t have one of the luxury cars?
Meet Peggy and Audrey. For one day in their lives, they got to drive the $200,000 automobile and cruise through the bustling city streets — an experience most of us will never get. And they where filmed and their story has become very very popular on the internet so we want to share it with you dear friends.

The two can’t stop cracking jokes as they try to figure where the heck the trunk in this thing is. They tease passersby who can’t help but stare at the unusual sight of two silver-haired women in the flashy car. Peggy encourages Audrey to flirt with onlookers, especially when one gentlemen asks if there is “room for him” in the vehicle. Watch the video below!

Donut Media

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