This Modern Underground Fridge Keeps Fruits And Vegetables Cool Without Any Electricity.

Not so long time ago just before fridges and electricity existed, digging a hole in the ground was just one of the many ways people went about preserving their perishables. What do you think about implementing this system today. I have seen one super simple idea that could save money and also the environment.
Nowadays people have become overly dependent on modern appliances and would probably find it hard to imagine that they can refrigerate food and beverages without any electrical power but the Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek for the brand Weltevree has created the Ground Fridge And it is exactly what it sounds like. To install the circular structure, a hole is dug in the ground, the fridge is placed halfway down, and then the displaced dirt is put on top. This insulation keeps the food at roughly 10°C all year round—no electricity needed, maybe if you just want to illuminate what is inside.
The enormous fridge is 2.2 metres in diameter and boasts an impressive 3000-litre capacity equal with 12 normal fridges. It has built-in steps, wooden shelves, and a thin string of lights. Basically, it’s the perfect environment to store food and beverages, keeping them fresh and healthy on the wooden shelves. Another advantage is related to its volume. Watch the desing below and enjoy!









Watch a video of the designer talking about the Ground Fridge – here


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