Here’s Why There Is A Bump On F and J Keys On A Keyboard

Dear friend are you from those people who always noticed a small details? If you are than have you noticed the small bumps on the ” j ” and “F” key. Have you ever wondered what is the usage of them. I have never noticed these small bumps until i have not read the article for the first time.
When i saw the reason i wanted to share it with you and below you can see the reason that is totally genius and useful. Enjoy!

Over the span of years, a number of variations have been introduced


But one particular thing in common is that F and J keys always feature small bumps.


So the bumps are important, but what do they do? They’re an ingenious way of helping you type faster.

By placing your index fingers on each bump you’ll realize that your hands are in the perfect position for typing.


In the “touch typing” realm, when your index fingers are placed on the bumps and the other fingers placed on the keys beside them, this is called “home row.” Home row is where your fingers should come back to a natural resting position when finished typing.

Definitely worth trying


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