9 Very Useful, Unexpected, Uses For Toothpaste You Never Knew Existed

Many times i have told you that the simple household products that we have it at home have at least one more other functionality i.e usage that could help you.
Now we want to share with you some super genius uses of toothpaste that you never knew existed.
You’ll be amazed to learn that, far from simply helping to keep your teeth nice and clean, toothpaste is also an irreplaceable product which can be uses for various tasks around the home. These life hacks will really make your life easier. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.The keys on a piano can become dirty very fast due to constant contact with human fingers. Put a small amount of toothpaste on a wet cloth and carefully clean the keys

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2.If you cover the insides of swimming goggles in a very thin layer of toothpaste, then wash it off, they won’t get steamed up anymore when you’re swimming.

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3.You can get rid of stains on wooden surfaces in just a couple of minutes by wiping them with a little toothpaste.

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4.Toothpaste is also great for getting rid of various kinds of stains on clothing, from lipstick on a shirt to spaghetti sauce on a tablecloth. Just cover the offending stain with a small amount of toothpaste, rub it in slightly, and leave for a small amount of time before washing it off. But remember that for coloured clothing it’s best not to use whitening toothpaste.

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5.You can give taps their old shine back if you cover them in a little toothpaste and rub with a cloth. In fact, it works great on any chrome-plated surface.

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6.You can also use it to clean the bottom of an iron!

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7.Toothpaste can even clean your fingernails. Just cover them in a small amount, leave for a couple of minutes, and wash off with water.

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8.The screen of your smartphone can become scratched very quickly if you don’t cover it with protective film. Put a little toothpaste on a cloth, then carefully rub it on to any scratches. Remove any remaining toothpaste and wipe the screen dry.

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9.Footwear with white soles, such as Converse shoes, can easily be cleaned with toothpaste.

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