These 2 Hackers Prove That They Can Control Every New Car From Home

The Us hackers said that they need only lap top or phone and they can fully control the new cars. The experiment was done with Andy Greenberg, a writer with tech website Wired, who drove the Jeep Cherokee on public roads in St Louis, Missouri.
While he was driving he described how the air vents started blasting out cold air and the radio came on full blast when the hack began. The windscreen wipers turned on with wiper fluid, blurring the glass, and also a picture of the two hackers appeared on the car’s digital display. They can do everything remotely from home sitting in from of the computer in every new car. They also give a recommendations that Uconnect – which controls the vehicle’s entertainment and navigation, enables phone calls, and even offers a Wi-Fi hot spot – needs to make urgent security upgrade. watch the video below and see how they did this.


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