11 Innovative Improvements To Everyday Products That Will Simplify Your Life

We live in a world of innovations and new technologies and there is always a new products that could change your life forever. While someone build new products from the beginning there are also a few clever innovations that are improvement of the current products and believe me they are incredibly genius. In the article below you could see really brilliant everyday products improvements that will make your life simpler. Ping pong door, wifi light bulb, pizza scissors e.t.c are just incredibly and i must have it right now. What do you think? Take a look below and enjoy!

1.Quirky Pivot Power Strip

dt 1 dt 2 source

2.Wall Cleats

dt 3 source

3.Secret Message Wrapping Paper

dt 4 dt 5 source

4.The Big Gripper

dt 6 dt 7 source

5.LIFX – The Wi-Fi Led

dt 8 source

6.DIY Cutting Board Bird Feeder

dt 9 source

7.Citrus Sprayer

dt 10 source

8.Pizza Scissors

dt 12 source


dt 13 source

10.Couples Alarm Ring Clock

dt 14 source

11. Ping-Pong Door


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