15 Everyday Objects You Are Using Wrong

Dear friends there are somehow common practice that we are using everyday some objects, but are we using them on the right way? I’m pretty sure not. Maybe we have bad habits or just we are used to it but definitely there are a better way that you should check. Take a look below and see the right ways of using the common objects. You will remain wondered of these genius uses of some ordinary objects. Browse below our cool colection of 15 Everyday Objects You Are Using Wrong and enjoy!


First, you’re using way too much toothpaste: just a dab will do. Second, you’re not supposed to rinse after spitting out

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But the fact is, the knot the traditional method produces a knot that faces upward comes undone quite easily

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Instead of using a stud finder (if you live in a modern building) just use a magnet

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With the lid closed, just tilt the container on its side, and then open the flap. A Tic-Tac will be resting right there.

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Get on the elevator, but don’t punch your floor button. Hold the “door close” button down until the doors close. Continue holding the door close button, and now hold the floor number you’d like to get to. The elevator will zoom straight to that floor without making any stops along the way.

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Always fill the pot with cold water. Heavily salt the water, but never put oil in it—this lends to the sauce not clinging to the pasta in the right way.

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7.Toilet Seat Covers

You ever wonder why your toilet seat cover falls into the water the moment you try and sit down on it? Put it in the front, and it will stay in place.

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8.To-Go Cups

Just flip that bad boy over and plop the bottom of the cup into the concavity to create a makeshift cup holder. It will even travel with you from the coffee table to your mouth, without losing a drop of condensation to your sick veneer.

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9.Ketchup Tubs

examine one of those little dudes: they can unfold into something more oval in shape, with a greater capacity.

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10.Wooden Spoons

If you place one over the top of your pot of boiling water, the pot will not boil over—the spoon pops steam bubbles and prevents the spillover.

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11.Bobby Pins

wavy side is meant to latch onto hair and hold it in place

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13.Soda Cans

Spin the tab around and this is where you can place your straw.

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take a common drinking straw and insert it through the pointy end of the fruit.

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15.Chinese Takeout Containers

easily unfold the cartons and they will become makeshift plates.

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