This is What Happens When People Are in Bali for a Week

Tourist-flooded beaches, a let-down and whatnot, there is no doubt we have all heard a criticism or two about Bali. It’s time to stop Bali bashing!, a luxury villa rental company, wanted to find out what Bali makes people feel like, so they brought people to the island to experience #villabalilife for one week. The result? See the beauty of Bali for yourself!

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So what does Bali bring to you?

Beauty #1:  Ditch that smart gadget

Facebook is fun; Instagram is captivating, but nothing beats the majestic nature of the Island of the Gods. When the reality is better than the digital world, of course, you will want to leave your phones and be engulfed in the true beauty.

Beauty #2:  Remember the springtime of your life

You are not the only one who can’t resist swaying along with the funky music, facing a big wave head-on or making a big splash in the pool. Be it the vibrant vibe of young people or the mindful meditation, Bali breathes an air of freshness into your mind.

Beauty #3: Know your awesomeness

How many times have you woken up and found a tired reflection in the mirror? Have there been moments when you suddenly realise that the routine life have made you forget how incredible you are? Bali will remind you of the cool self that has been hidden in daily life.

Beauty #4:  Do your victory pose like how it’s supposed to be

Bali will fill you with positivity and confidence. Taking lots of pictures? Do the pose of the victor, because a true victor you are. And it is insta-worthy too!

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Beauty #5: Be the Queen of your life

You will be empowered to take charge and achieve what you set out to. No matter what is in store, the Queen in you will face it with all her might, beauty and determination.

But first, let me take a #selfie.

Beauty #6: Bring out the inner child in you

There’s a hidden child in every one of us, waiting for a time to come out, and Bali is the perfect place for that. It’s where we can do that crazy funny thing we have always wanted to.

Beauty #7: Express yourself freely

Bali makes you want to truly express your thoughts and feelings, be honest to yourself and your emotions. As the saying goes, dance like nobody’s watching.

Beauty #8: Enjoy music again

Bali breathes new life into that playlist you listen to countless times on the way to work. The right music, at the right place makes everything perfect.

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Beauty #9: Reconnect with nature

Get ready to be charmed with nature – the ocean, the sand, the wind, the mountain and the paddle fields. Even the impish monkeys in Ubud, mischievous as they are, will give you a delightful time. Be careful not to let them snatch away your stuffs, though – that ain’t fun.

Beauty #10: Loosen up

Forget all your stresses to loosen all the tension in your muscle, mind and body. You will be able to truly relax and rejuvenate on the island.

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Beauty #11: Find your true smile

You will smile because you feel like smiling, not because you have to. Bali invites you to open your heart and soul to the beauty of the world.

Beauty #12: Reward yourself

Bali reminds you that it’s important to recognise your own effort. Treat yourself to something nice, because you deserve it.

Beauty #13: Laugh to your heart’s content

You will want to laugh heartily, without restraint, without any hesitation.


Beauty #14: Borrow a kiss (and return it)

You will remember what it feels like to kiss someone with all your heart. Bali is the place to be with your dear ones, to love and to be loved.

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Beauty #15: Finally, it’s all about spending time with those who matter the most

Bali will pull you away from your busy schedule and show you what’s really important. It’s a great place to connect with your family and create everlasting memories.

#villabalilife project was done by, the leading villa booking platform in Asia, with villas in Bali, Sri Lanka, Phuket, Samui and Mauritius.

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