This Woman Glues Hundreds Of Pieces Of Paper Bag To The Floor. When She Finished? Unbelievable?

Dear friend we are so impressed to share this video with you. When i first time saw it i was so impressed and i never thought that this was possible. Can you believe that you can totally revamp any room in the house, If you have ever wanted the look of hardwood floors, on a cheapest way ever using a paper bags.
The total cost of the project is $65! All you need is brown craft paper or a few hundred paper bags, a big bottle of Elmer’s glue, and some polyurethane.
The couple say it will take at least five years to see any wear in the floor.
I have never have in my mind that just a few pieces of paper bags can be transformed into something like this.


Watch the video below and Enjoy! This Stunning DIY Paper Bag Floor in  very cheap and definitely wort trying.


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