Three ways to buy property in Abu Dhabi

Dubai is the most popular resort in the UAE and the most attractive city for moving. However, Abu Dhabi offers not only the same, but sometimes more attractive conditions. For example, this city can be called quieter and more cultured. Concerning the culture, the matter is not so much of communication between people, but of cultural heritage and the corresponding types of recreation. If you want to buy houses for sale in UAE and are considering Abu Dhabi in particular – we advise you to read this material and choose a more preferable way to purchase.

Buying at the primary market 

This way is considered the most convenient for buyers from abroad. It is possible to purchase a new-build housing in Abu Dhabi without personal presence. Of course, it is necessary to contact a real estate broker – thanks to his services, you will be able to conduct all stages of the purchase and sale transaction remotely. So, for payment, you can use a bank card or make a transfer using the payment link. A scanned copy of the document is sufficient to sign the reservation form. Of course, the contract will have to be signed with a real signature; the document will be sent to you using a express delivery service for this aim, and then you will send it back.

Buying at the secondary market

With the secondary housing, the situation is somewhat more complicated, since it will not be possible to purchase housing from the previous owner remotely, like in the case with the developer – the personal presence is necessary. Moreover, you will have to visit the emirate at least twice to conclude a deal.

First, the buyer carries out the preliminary subscription of the documents at the general developer office, who is responsible for a particular built-up area. The second trip will be required to visit the municipal authority in order to carry out the calculation and transfer the ownership from one owner to another.

It should be understood that there are not 1-2 days between these two events, but more. However, many investors come to the emirate for the entire period, at the same time they get to know the city better and get used to a new place. Even if the investor is going to rent out housing, and not live in it, it is necessary to know about the characteristics of the district, because this information will be useful when interacting with potential tenants or for dealing with certain everyday issues related to new property.

Buying of real estate using mortgage funds

Happy news: The same terms remain in effect for foreigners in Abu Dhabi as for locals. That is, there is no necessity to have the resident visa to get a mortgage from a local bank. But, it is impossible to manage without the help of a real estate broker, just as it will not work to borrow from a bank without providing data on income.

Quick selection of real estate in the UAE!

To learn about the specifics of buying real estate in the UAE, start the selection of an apartment or house right now. Contact a professional agency Emirates.Estate: so you can get the best offer of housing at your request, as well as qualified legal support and detailed information on all ways to buy the Arab real estate.

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