Tips to Get Rid of That Winter Waistline

According to different research and studies, many people have been made to believe that running is the best way to lose fat and get that perfect waistline. Nonetheless, experts cite that running alone can result in the release of cortisol and catabolic hormones, which makes you even fatter. Moreover, it can lead to hormonal imbalance, fluid retention, and injuries. This is the reason why most fitness trainers recommend a 30-day training program that will help you get that perfect waistline.

The 30-day training program enables you to get rid of the fat and excess calories without sacrificing your body, health, and performance. The routine is split into three 10-day cycles. The first ten days are comprised of easy, fasted fat-burning workouts. The next ten days will include slightly more difficult body training exercises, and the final ten days will involve high-intensity interval and weight training.

Days 1 to 10

These first ten days should include easy-to-do exercises. These exercises aim to practice moderation and self-control. This is to mean that in this cycle, you will do fewer exercises together with responsible calorie control. Your body will get the opportunity to rest, recover, and reboot after the long holiday.

In each of the ten days, you will have a 30 to 60-minute fat-burning session that can include cycling, brisk walking, or jogging. For calorie control, eat two hours before bedtime and do some exercises before eating your breakfast.Staying active during the day also guarantees better results. Nonetheless, don’t get involved in extra workouts. Standing, walking, stretching, and yoga will suit you well.

Day 11 to 20

This phase is a continuation of the previous fat burning sessions. Adding steroids and other performance enhancements at this stage could be a wise idea. You can check out this hyperlink for the best and legit products to help complement your routine. You will still have to add a second afternoon or early evening workout session comprised of calisthenics and bodyweight workouts. The second session should include:

  •         Pushups, 20 reps.
  •         60 seconds of calisthenics. For newbies, calisthenics is a workout comprised of different movements that target substantial muscle groups. You can do jumping jacks, rope skipping, and side-to-side hops.
  •         Squats, 20 reps.
  •         Repeat 60 seconds of calisthenics.
  •         Row variations, 20 reps.
  •         Another 60 seconds of calisthenics.
  •         Lunges, 20 reps.
  •         Finish with 60 seconds of calisthenics.

Do this circuit five times with minimal rest.

Day 21 to 30

In this cycle, add more high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. Maintain the fat-burning sessions and replace the afternoon or evening bodyweight exercises with full-body, functional weight training exercises. Combine them with high-intensity cardiovascular interval exercise.For weight training, select four full bodyweight training workouts and do them back-to-back as a circuit together with three minutes of HIIT at the end of each course.


Embracing this 30-day training program has some significant benefits.First, it helps you burn excess calories and fat, hence improving your physical appearance. Secondly, it strengthens your muscles and boosts your heart rate, thus facilitating the proper circulation of blood throughout the body. Finally, it helps you to stay fit mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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