Top 5 Asian Winery Regions You Can Surprisingly Travel

There is no such wonderful feeling of contentment we can feel brought by traveling. Each one of us dreams of going and reaching every destination in the world where we can freely enjoy and make the most out of our lives. We spend so much time working every day, and the best way to reward ourselves is by taking a vacation and traveling incredible tourist destinations.

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There are many places you can find in the world that offers breath-taking picturesque, which can bring your traveling experience to a whole new level. One of these is the continent of Asia. It is the largest continent in the world when it comes to area and population. There are lots of amazing places in Asia that you can travel to and the climate is amiable.

One of the best travel destinations that Asia has to boast to the world is the winery regions. We are all amazed how wines are crafted, yet we lack knowledge about its rich history. France, California, and Australia are some of the largest wine-producing countries, and Asian countries are not behind these winery regions. Some countries in Asia are famous vineyard that you can visit as it gives you perfect pictured memories of a wine tour experience you want to get.

Here are some of the most famous Asian vineyards you can visit right now. These vineyards are the best Asian winery regions you can consider visiting as it can top-notch the experience you will get when you visit premier grand crus. Take note that they are less expensive yet they offer the best wine tour experience you can never forget.

Aythaya Vineyard In Myanmar

The Aythaya Vineyard is called as Myanmar’s first wine-producing region. It is situated in the said village which is nestled very near to Shan State with Taunggyi as its capital. The said vineyard was established first in 1999 where it holds several private events, wine touring activities, wine hostings, and tasting, etc. They also have several function halls and bungalows where it can accommodate all the tourists visiting the vineyard.


It is one of the Asian vineyards in Myanmar where you can also find premier brands of wines. The Aythaya Vineyard is the home of Aythaya Red that comes in Tempranillo, Dornfelder, and Shiraz blends. They even craft several white wine labels called Aythaya Whites using Sauvignon Blanc. It is also one of those vineyards in Asia that distributes incredible flavors of Aythaya Rose wines.

Hatten Wines in Bali, Indonesia

It is one of the most famous vineyards in Asia, located in the heart of Bali. This vineyard has started producing signature wines since 1994. It is owned by a Balinese family which the vineyard in popularly known to produce Rose wines. Some say that the climate in Bali is perfect for the production of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. These grape varietals are typical ingredients you can find in some legendary wines such as Château Lafite Rothschild. It is why Rose wines are famous in this vineyard due to the extensive production of these ingredients.

The Hatten Wines is also famous for hosting significant events like wine tasting. You can also spend touring in the wine lifestyle boutique that showcases the rich winery culture of the said vineyard. In 2017, Hatten Wines won the most prestigious award which is Winery of the Year.

GranMonte In Thailand

Napa Valley in Thailand is one of the world’s most famous winery regions. It is where GranMonte is located which deems as the legendary winemakers in the country of Thailand. You also have the chance to enjoy the other notable landmarks in this winery region since it is adjacent to Thailand’s National Park called Khao Yai.

The GrandMonte vineyard in Thailand produces highly nourished grape varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Grenache, Durif, Viognier, and Syrah. It is the best winery region you can tour as you head on to Asia for your next memorable travel experience.

Sula Vineyards In India

The Sula Vineyards in India is the most premier winery region that this country has to offer. They even called it their Napa Valley since they are the largest producers of wine labels in the said continent. The Sula Vineyards is found in Nashik, India. You can see a lot of grape varietals nourished in this vineyard that make up the elegant wine labels.

There are also various activities that this vineyard holds whenever you get the chance to travel. You can experience their meal and wine tasting events. They also carry a SulaFest, which is a traditional wine festival that takes place annually.

Chateau Mercian in Japan

It is a famous winery region in Japan that started in 1970. They are one of the pioneers for winemaking in Japanese territory. They received the Winery Award in 2016. They also got featured in Wine Spectator, one of the world’s most famous wine critics.

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