8 Reasons Why Riviera Maya Is The Best Place For Luxury Travel In Mexico

Out of all the vacation spots in the world, Mexico is arguably the most popular choice among families and couples. The reason for this is largely due to Mexico’s beautiful coastlines and pristine waters. Places like Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas are two of many examples of Mexico’s many vacation hot spots. However, one spot that stands out above the rest is the Riviera Maya in Mexico. The Riviera Maya has always been a popular vacation choice but has seen a recent growth in popularity. Among the reasons for this include renovations and additions to new beaches, an increase in tourists attractions, and other similar inclusions. Their attention and care for vacationers are one of the reasons why they are known for having some of the highest interests in their luxury vacation rentals. This is another reason why the Riviera Maya is building new attractions. This is their way of keeping up with popular demand. As we can imagine, there are many more reasons why this exclusive vacation spot in Mexico continues to be one of the world’s best. With this in mind, let’s talk about eight more reasons why Riviera Maya is the best place for luxury travel in Mexico.

#1: It Makes Up A Long Stretch Of Caribbean Coastline
One of the premier reasons why the Riviera Maya is the go-to destination for luxury travel is the fact that it is surrounded by Caribbean coastline. There is not one spot on the entire island that doesn’t have amazing views of the ocean and gateways to the beach. It is hard to find other vacation spots with this many oceanside locations as the Riviera Maya coastline.

#2: It Is Home To Historic Mayan Civilization Ruins
One thing that many travelers and vacationers want is local integration. In other words, they want to learn about the vacation spot that they’re in as part of the luxurious travel experience. Well, the Riviera Maya is also known for being one of the most historically significant places on earth. The island itself has many different ruins and artifacts that belonged to the Mayan civilization.

#3: The Beaches Have Unique White Sand
Warm sandy beaches are usually a common staple of summer vacation spots. However, one of the most interesting features that the Riviera Maya beaches have is with their special sand. Specifically, every beach in the Riviera Maya is made up of unique crushed coral from the Yucatan Peninsula. This gives the sand a unique white color and plush feel as well.

#4: It Has Tropical Summer Weather Year Round
Without a doubt, one of the most important factors to many vacationers is going to a place that has beautiful sunny weather year-round. With the Riviera Maya, not only is the place warm and sunny at every corner, the fact that it has jungles and lagoons is a sign that it also has amazing tropical weather. In other words, people here get the benefit of both a warm sun and a cool breeze from the ocean.

#5: It Has Beautiful Underwater Spots
Another luxurious benefit that travelers get from the Riviera Maya lies beneath the ocean itself. Because of its location, the Riviera Maya is home to some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems and underwater spots. This includes amazing underwater cave systems, artifacts, and marine life such as the second-largest coral reef on the planet.

#6: The Island Is Filled With Private Luxury Rentals
As mentioned before, many of the benefits and unique features that the Riviera Maya has brings many vacationers and travelers to the island. Because of this, the island has established plenty of luxurious vacation rentals for those looking to fully enjoy this place. Beautiful villas such as the villa Soliman Tulum put other vacation rentals to shame based on its location alone.

#7: It Is One Big Island
One of the most overlooked aspects of the Riviera Maya is the fact that it is one big island. The reason this is an important quality to talk about is because of the secluded privacy benefits that the island allows for. In other vacation spots in the world, easy access and tourism take away from the natural surroundings and experiences that a place allows for. With the Riviera Maya, it’s secluded and somewhat isolated location makes it a more of a pleasure to be there as opposed to other vacation spots.

#8: Most Of The Island Revenue Comes From Tourists
Another overlooked quality about the island is the Revenue it brings in as well. We have to remember that the majority of the island’s revenue is driven by tourism. Because of this, attention to detail and luxurious experiences is a top priority for vacation hosters on the island. One of the main goals of luxurious rentals, for example, is to create an experience so wonderful that it will be talked about and lead to a return to the island.

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