Ultimate Guide to Rustic Style: 12 Rustic Home Decoration Ideas

Among the different themes of interior design, rustic has got to be our favorite. It seeks to bring the rugged aesthetic of nature inadoors resulting in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. It’s also very easy to complete the look. All you need are carefully curated home decor that we are going to share below. In this article, we are going to share with you our favorite rustic home decoration ideas, making it indeed, our ultimate guide to the rustic style.

The Canvas

Every work of art starts with an empty canvas, and when it comes to interior design, this canvas means the basic structure and paint of your space. Hence, that marks our starting point as well.

Interior Structure

For those of you who have the budget and opportunity of completely redoing a certain spot in your home, then you might want to change its existing structure a bit. We recommend incorporating natural elements into the space such as wood, brick, and metal.

Color Palette and Paint

The color palette and our suggested paint colors are obvious. Stick to natural browns, brick reds, and greens.

Other Architectural Details

Finally, architectural details such as wooden beams holding up your ceiling will certainly complete the look of your rustic interiors, but are not necessarily required. As we have mentioned above, you can already give your home a rustic vibe even with just a tasteful choice of home decor. This leads us to the next section of our guide.

Home Interior Accessories

With the canvas done, it’s time to fill in the details with a selection of home interior accessories. There are different decorative elements to choose from but we have chosen two to feature in our article since we believe they provide the most impact. These are cushions and lighting.


You have two options when it comes to choosing the design of your decorative cushion covers. If you want to give your space a pop of color, then we suggest going for nature-themed patterns. However, if you want to minimize the visual clutter of an already crowded space, then we suggest for you to skip the pattern and focus on the texture of your cushions instead.


Just keep in mind this one last tip: The more cushions you have, the more comfy and inviting your place will look. Put them on your couch, on the floor, anywhere that you believe can benefit from having a large cushion to sink in.


As for lighting, we use our fixtures to serve as a focal point of our rustic interiors. Hence, we prefer oversized chandeliers, preferably made out of natural materials like rattan or wicker.


For a more masculine or edgier look, a reclaimed chandelier with an industrial look will also look at home with your rustic interiors. If you’re going to choose this route, though, then we prefer vintage pieces over new ones. The keyword with rustic design is rugged, so your decorative elements must never look too new or polished.


We know what you’re thinking: what about furniture? Here are some ideas:

  • Custom-made. The rustic look pays homage to the American Craftsman architectural style, so you will never go wrong with custom-made pieces that highlight excellent craftsmanship.
  • Natural Textures. Choose pieces that are made from interesting materials as well like leather and suede. They certainly add natural textures to your space as well.
  • Oversized Couch. Favor comfort and function when choosing your furniture as well. For instance, an oversized couch in front of the fireplace will really tie your cozy rustic look together.
  • Accent Piece. Finally, for your accent chair, we suggest a woven rattan piece that can sit on one corner of your living space, combined with a nearby side table complete with a cozy vignette on top.

Bring the Outside In

Finally, to complete the look, finish your rustic interiors with a touch of green. Here are some ideas:

  • Wide Open Windows. Turn one corner of your interior into a sunroom with wide glass windows that you can easily open and allow fresh air in. It also blurs the boundaries of your interiors and exteriors, as if both is an extension of the other.
  • Indoor Plants. If you don’t have wide open windows, then why don’t you literally bring the outside in with indoor plants? In fact, don’t just stick to potted plants. Get hanging plants as well. Don’t be afraid to fill your space with greenery!
  • Artificial Greens. And while we will always recommend getting fresh plants, those of you who don’t have the green thumb necessary to care for them, you can opt for artificial indoor plants as well. Expect that you won’t get the same benefits, though, such as the improvement of your interior’s air quality.


That’s it! By keeping the home decor ideas we have shared with you in mind and applying them to your space, we’re sure that your interiors will look relaxingly rustic in no time. Happy styling!

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