Unusual Interior Doors: Top 10 Models Made of Glass, Wood and Plastic

Customized solutions are the future. I’m sure you’ve heard this statement about the interior of the apartment more than once? The same applies to the interior doors of the apartment. Today it’s not enough that the structure simply opens and closes and isolates the space. It has to be beautiful, even unusual. But sometimes unusual doors are easy to break, and sliding door repairs in Fort Myers will definitely help you.

We, too, stand for diversity, and therefore to your attention – the top 10 non-standard interior doors, assembled from around the world. Each picture is completed with a short story about how the model was created or what its main advantages are. All right, let’s go!

  1. Let’s start with a quite ordinary design, which made the door sticker unusual. It’s a very budget decision, by the way. The adhesive part is made on the basis of vinyl and is attached to a cleaned and dried surface. Everything is simple, and the effect is bright. In this case, we used views of Venice, which are combined with the colors of the rest of the room.

  1. Another way to decorate the interior door. Here a mirror wall that visually expands the space “works” for the general solution. In order not to make the surface boring, it was supplemented with heat-resistant opaque stickers.

  1. Such a solution of an interior door will be appreciated by lovers of sunlight and fresh air. This is an author’s model of the U.S. designer Rick Lys, and the holes in it are opened and closed with the help of a latch. It is placed on the right side, noticed?

  1. The library door. Why wouldn’t it be? The wooden construction has niches for books, which can serve as both decoration and useful reading for the household. Another niche is used for a decorative vase. Simple and tasteful.

  1. Let’s go further and consider an unusual interior door made of glass, or rather – the whole composition. Another solution for lovers of light and air with sunrooms in Florida. The main thing is that there are more sunny days a year.

  1. Fabulous detail of the interior, which one cannot help but admire. It seems that she came to us from somewhere in the dwarf world. Nevertheless, the structure fulfills its intended purpose. Please note that the doorway is skillfully decorated with a canvas depicting a fantastic summer day.

  1. A new interior door with a thermal sticker. But this time the theme is different, Ancient Egypt. A laconic solution that will be to the taste of travel and history lovers.

  1. To your attention, a sliding construction made of wood. It is organized like a coupe and serves as a door to the bathroom. It can be adopted.

  1. What would seem unusual about a white interior door? A small opening for a younger family member who hasn’t yet reached the “adult” handle.

  1. Lightweight sliding model, as if hidden from separate colored elements. This design is particularly good in the interior of the bright living room, opposite the window. When a beam of light hits the surface, it starts to play with colors, creating bright paintings on the floor and walls of the room.

Of course, most design sophistication often remains the limit of dreams. But you can simply buy a unique interior door and combine it with your interior.

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