What Dog Breed is Best for Your Family?

Kids love animals, especially dogs since they’re always active with them, playful, and they’re overall one of the best companions to them. To your kids, any breed will do because they love doggies in general. But, as an adult, you’re more aware of your family’s needs and what your household can offer.

Picking the best breed for your family will depend on whether your family has allergies or not, whether your house has a garden or not, and your personal preferences. For instance, you might prefer a dog that’s not vocal and doesn’t drool as much, which will limit your options to a certain degree. There are plenty of options you can pick from; your preference is the only determining factor that will make a specific breed best fit for your family.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever is the perfect companion for kids. This specific breed is playful and spontaneous, which means it’ll make a perfect match with your youngsters. Their disposition is always friendly and would never come across as dangerous, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your kids with it alone. Another great thing about this breed is that they’re very smart, which means that training them will be one of the easiest tasks you have to do.


Your dog will, in no time, learn where to dispose of its waste and learn all the nifty ticks your children will be teaching it. They’re very patient, so you know it won’t be biting any of your guests, or your kids. One of its most lovable characteristics is that it’s very furry, so look forward to a lot of cuddling, but also a lot of shedding. It needs to be groomed twice a week, especially that it’ll be spending its time indoors.

Irish Setter

One of the most energetic doggies you can find is the Irish Setter. It’s mostly bred for hunting, which is why it’ll need an exercise that will last about 40 min. Irish Setters are perfect for energetic kids. Their love for hunting is the same reason why it’ll make playtime fun for you and your kids. Your kids could use toys and drag them around as prey; activities as such will be fun for your kids and your dog as well.


They’re known to live between 12-14 years, so it’ll be around you and your family for a very long time. You’ll also be glad to know that it has a low tendency to bark, which means that your family’s sleep won’t be interrupted and your neighbors won’t have much to complain about. This breed is also known for its low tendency to snore and it also doesn’t drool everywhere, which means less cleaning.

Yorkshire Terrier

Almost a favorite to every family with kids is the Yorkshire Terrier. A lot of people adopt Yorkies, especially when their kids are still young, and here’s why: this breed lives for a very long time, almost as long as humans. According to the people at yyorkie.com, Yorkies age very slowly, and even as they do they never look it. That’s mainly because of their tiny size. This breed will always look small and young even if they’re really old.


Another reason why Yorkies are a family’s favorite is their trainability. They’re very smart, which means that they’re one of the easiest dogs to train. You will also be happy to know that they do not shed as much, and their drooling is very limited. Speaking of shedding, you will be glad to know that this breed is perfect for your family if they’re allergic to dogs. The very little shedding will never trigger your family’s allergy, which makes this breed a perfect choice for you.


Hands down, one of the most adorable doggies you can adopt is the Poodle. They are the cutest, especially with their remarkable look. Poodles are a favorite for people with allergies; they don’t shed as much as the average dog does, which means that nothing will be stimulating your kids’ allergies.


They’re known for their intelligence and gentility, and we all know that characteristics as such are very important to certain people. Although they’re friendly, they’ll be often shy with strangers; however, it won’t take them long until they befriend your guests. They’re also very obedient, so you won’t have a lot of trouble with them. They’re not difficult to deal with, but just know that you need to have a regularly scheduled grooming time.


If you have a newborn in your family, be sure that the Newfoundland dog breed is the best dog you can have in your household. This breed is known to be “Nature’s babysitter.” It acquired this title because of how protective it gets over its loved ones. This breed is known to be one of the smartest dogs you can find, it’s also very gentle and friendly as well.

This breed will be perfect for your family, especially if you own a garden. It needs enough space outdoors, so it can place where it can play freely. This breed is very large in size and has a rich fur coat which means that it’ll be shedding almost constantly. The one way you can combat this amount of shedding is by regularly grooming your dog. You need to know that it also drools a lot, so you’ll probably be cleaning around your doggie frequently.

Know What’s Best For Your Family

Familiarizing yourself with your family’s needs is the only thing that will make this whole process easy for you. Checking if your family is allergic to dogs or not is very essential because there are a few dog breeds that won’t trigger your family’s allergies. For instance, the Yorkshire and Poodle are known to be hypoallergenic dogs, which means they’ll make a perfect match if your kids have allergies. Remember that it’s okay to have a dog in your house even if you don’t have a garden. The golden retriever loves spending time with its family, which means it won’t need to be in a garden.

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