What You Need To Know Before You Take Your First Horse Ride

It is a fact that you can’t learn to ride a horse by reading all the techniques in a book or watch the, on a TV or some video on the Internet. The best way to do it is by taking classes with a competent coach or instructor. He will teach you all the basic techniques and will help you to learn how to stay safe and comfortable while riding. These helping tips presented here will only make it easier for you to understand all the things the coach will present to you practically. Here is what you need to know before you get the first horse riding class.

Before You Begin Your Ride

Before you learn to ride the horse, you need to “meet” the horse first. This means to learn how to tie, groom, and lead the horse. These are the essential skills you need to know before you take your first ride. As you may see these are even not riding skills but will help you better understand horses, their nature, and the ways to stay safe and comfortable while riding.

Saddle Up

Once you learn to tie and groom the horse, it is time to saddle up for the ride.  You need to learn how to put on an English or Western saddle and bridle, and how to do up the cinch on a Western saddle. Once you learn that you are ready to begin.


Mounting Up

You tied, you groomed and you saddled your horse. on’t forget about your horse’s comfort! They need to be well-fed and equipped with comfortable gear. In addition to a well-fitting saddle, you should also provide them with comfortable boots, bridles, and other tack. If you’re not sure where to get them, you can check out the collection of brushing boots by LeMieux. All set up? Now, it is time to start your riding adventure. First, it is so important to understand how to mount the horse, and how to sit correctly once you mounted it.

Walk On

You have already mounted the horse. The next thing to do is to begin the riding. The first ride will make you feel awkward and unbalanced. Don’t get discouraged by that. All you need to improve the riding technique is practice. You may feel your body parts uncoordinated with themselves and with your mind. They may not be answering on the commands your mind is giving them in the specific moment, but after few rides, things will come on its place and you will easily follow all the riding skills with body and mind. As your confidence and skills increase, you will learn to ride faster and better. But, don’t forget ever, never rush yourself. You need to enjoy the riding, not to get scared, or in worst case injured.

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