What You Should Know in Treating Bed Bug Eggs!

I am sure you already know that it is not that easy to kill bed bugs and their eggs.  Before you can control them, you need to learn about the pre-elimination process first.  A lot of people would actually skip this process and just use a spray to get rid of them easily.

If you are not aware of what bed bugs are, you may say that this process is way too exaggerating.  However, if you know what bed bugs are capable of, then you will definitely think otherwise.

Bed bug eggs are different from other pests that we commonly see inside the house.  They are sneaky and fast-paced, even though they are very tiny.  So, it would not work with just a simple bug spray.

Eliminate Bed Bugs Once and For All

Bed bugs can bring many problems in your home and you need to eliminate before they can get to you and bite you.  They may not bring any harmful diseases like mosquitoes but their bites will leave you with disgusting marks or rashes.

Bed bugs have been quite a disturbance in recent years and many people are afraid that they would be the next of their victims.  Only if you knew that you have eradicated them all including bed bug eggs would you be able to relax and sleep tight.

How to Eliminate Bed Bugs and their Eggs

Of all the pests there are, bed bugs are the most annoying ones. This is because they are hard to die and they can multiply really fast.  You would have to repeat the treatment process, making you waste your energy, time and most of all money.  This is why it is very important that choose the best bed bug treatment there is.  Don’t you know that bed bugs actually have six stages all throughout their lives, starting from eggs until they reach adulthood?  It is when they become nymphs and adults that they become hard to reach and detect because they hide for a few months.  Bed bug eggs are also very hard to find since the female hide them in the deepest and darkest of crevices and cracks.  This is why you need to be very keen in searching for them.

How to Look for Bed Bug Eggs

First of all, try to research on how bed bug eggs really look like.  This will help show you what exactly you are looking for.  You will need the help of a stick and a flashlight.

  1. Bed – The bed is the best hiding place and the perfect location to create a nest for eggs because it is also the right spot to the human host. They need to be very close to their host.  They are nocturnal beings and they are awake at night to get their blood which they feed on.  When we sleep we release a body heat that attracts these bugs to us.  Since they are very tiny, they can easily get their way under box springs, mattresses and the cracks on the bed.
  2. Furniture – Any furniture that you have both in the living room and dining room are very prone to bed bug eggs. These are the best hiding places for eggs since they can be seen by a human eye.  Couches, rugs, chairs, and carpets are some of the examples.  These are the places where humans are always are and these are their hotspots.  These bed bugs are maybe nocturnal but there will be times when they also feed at daytime.  It is really important that throw pillows, couches, and cushions are inspected regularly, especially if you think it is infested by bed bug eggs.  You are most likely to see skin sheds stains of blood and fecal pellets if the infestation is present.

  1. Wall Outlets – Bed bugs are hard to remove at home because they can easily fit themselves in the tiniest cracks and crevices, such as outlets and furniture joints. Everything is not safe at home because these bugs would be there just as long as it is easy for them to get to their human host.  Do you know that these bugs can survive for months without food, so areas like these are the best places to stay during nesting and if they don’t need food yet?

There are different ways of eliminating bed bugs and their eggs.  It can be chemical-based or natural-based.  There are two methods in the chemical-based; the first method is by getting the service of bed-bug experts who make use of strong chemicals to remove the pests.  It is easy; however, they are a very expensive and dangerous way of getting rid of these pests.  The second method is by using a chemical mixture and doing it on your own.  This is an easy and affordable way of treating bugs but they are a bit risky.  It can cause some health issues like allergies, asthma and even poisoning.

Natural Way of Treating Bed Bug Eggs

  1. Vacuuming – This may be effective, however, it will take a lot of energy and time to vacuum all places that could be a hotspot for bed bugs. Furthermore, there is no assurance that the vacuum will get to deep crevices and cracks of furniture.
  2. Heat – This way of eliminating bed bugs uses heat to kill them. This is done by placing clothes in a drier at very high heat for half an hour.  The use of the right amount of heat in a room can eliminate bed bug eggs and even the nymphs.  It is usually around 115 degrees F
  3. Cold Treatment – In this treatment the bugs are frozen to help kill them. The eggs and nymphs can also be eliminated using this method.  Bed bugs can survive at 14 degrees C, if you lower it more it could eradicate them.
  4. Organic Spray – There is now so many bed bug spray made from natural ingredients. You can easily kill these pests inexpensively and safely.

These are the different ways of killing bed bug eggs.  You can choose any option that best suits you.

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