Why should I choose an exotic pet ball python?

Looking for a reason to choose an exotic pet ball python? How about three? Ball pythons are inarguably the most popular pet snake option in the reptile pet trade and it’s not difficult to see why. They are visually striking, easy to care for, and friendly enough that their human owners can actually interact with them, rather than simply serving as a beautiful living display. Plus, this is a snake species that can be enjoyed by all. Ball pythons are suitable for beginners (widely considered to be one of the best options for first-timers), but still a lot of fun for more seasoned snake-owners to keep. But these reasons are just the tip of the iceberg, let’s dive in!

Great Temperament

One of the biggest reasons why ball pythons are so wonderful (and why you should get one) is that they have a wonderful temperament. Naturally docile, calm, and non-aggressive, these snakes are naturally quite tame. Being one of the most popular snakes in the exotic pet trade, they’ve also been bred in captivity for decades which further lends to their being so tame. Ball pythons take to handling well which allows snake owners to interact with their pet easily and often.

Low Maintenance

Unless you’re the type that prefers having pets that are really finicky and difficult to care for, you’re bound to love how easy it is to keep a ball python. Although they are comfortable with daily physical contact, they don’t require handling to stay tame or to become more comfortable with humans. This means you can leave them alone to their own devices for days at a time and they’ll be just fine. This also applies when it comes to their eating habits. Like all other snakes, adult ball pythons aren’t big eaters – they only eat meals proportionally to their size. When they do eat, it’s usually only every 10-14 days.


An extension of being a low-maintenance pet, ball pythons tend to be quite affordable in terms of pet cost. Snakes on their own are notably less expensive than your typical dog or cat, but ball pythons are even more so. Being a widely available species of pet snake, you can acquire a basic ball python morph for around $100. Aside from the snake itself, the only other major cost of keeping a ball python will be the fixings for its enclosure. The average cost of feeding an adult ball python can be as little as $15 a month (and possibly even lower) thanks to how infrequently they eat.

Where To Find Ball Pythons For Sale

Ball pythons offer everything that a pet lover could want: affordable, fun, a great temperament, and not to mention beautiful. This docile snake species checks off all the boxes and is a great fit for any lifestyle or level of reptile-owning experience. Fortunately, it’s very easy to find ball pythons for sale. Their popularity has led them to be a staple of reptile pets shops where shoppers can find dozens upon dozens of beautiful ball python morphs as well.

Before you buy a ball python, it’s important to have an enclosure ready and set up for them. If you want to ensure your new friend is happy and content, be sure to give them enough space to explore and climb with plenty of hidey holes.

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