You Have Problems With Overtaking The Truck In Front Of You? Samsung Has A Genius Idea That Will Revolutionise The Road Safety

How many times has it happened to drive behind a truck with a trailer and may not be able to overtaking, because you can not see the vehicles in front of the truck?
Samsung in Argentina presented a very interesting solution, which should increase the safety of local roads. It is a solution that provides the drivers look in front of the truck by itself and this will significantly make a safe overtaking.

The system uses a camera that is located in the front bumper, and the picture is transmitted to the four large screens on the back of the trailer. The drivers behind the truck will have the opportunity to have a clear overview of traffic in front of the truck. The camera is equipped with a system for night shooting. Sounds interesting, right? Below is the video in which you can see in detail the operation of the above system.


via Leo Burnett

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