12 Easy Life-Changing Summer Hacks That You Should Know

Hey friends it is summer and we are sure that all of you enjoy in outdoor parties with your loved ones and with the best friends. If you have decided to prepare a barbecue this weekend in the yard we have 12 useful tricks that will facilitate the whole planning. You can see cool and easy hacks for everything you need to make a perfect summer party. We kindly suggest you to try all if you make the party and you will see the smile on your guests. How to Keep drinks cold all day,Make the grill stick-proof, Easily slice your watermelon e.t.c. Watch below and enjoy in the best summer party.

1.Frozen festive vodka bottle

cpa 1 source

2.Cooler Corn: A Better Way to Corn on the Cob

cpa 2 source

3.Grilled S’more Banana Packets

cpa 3 source

4.Kitchen Talk: Spiral Cut Your Hot Dogs

cpa 4 source

5.Use a muffin tin to organize condiments

cpa 5 source


cpa 6 source

7.Keep drinks cold using frozen water balloons

cpa 7 source

8.This Is the Easiest Way to Cut a Watermelon

cpa 8 source

9.How to make your grill non-stick

cpa 9 source

10.DIY Bug Repellent Summer Mason Jar Luminaries

cpa 10 source

11.Cooking Fish On Lemons

cpa 11 source

12.Homemade Lemonade…Refreshing, Easy & Inexpensive

cpa 12 source          via cosmopolitan.com

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