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11 Free Or low Cost Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy When They’re Bored

The kids are most adorable things that happened in our life and we love watch them while they are playing. Our kids want to play a lot, and they also demands lots of toys as well. Parenting is never easy, it is very difficult for everyone of us to keep our kids busy in the thing which will make them learn and play at the same time.
If you think that all this things and activities with your kids are to expensive than you do not need to worry anymore about the money because we have made one super cheap almost free collection of adorable ways to keep your kids busy when they are bored. Take a look below and enjoy!


1. Use colored tape to make car tracks.


 To arrange an improvised bullseye game or maybe you own darts tournament, all you will need is a couple of sponges and some chalks


Remember those dress-up dolls we had? They were made of paper and we had to cut their ’clothes’ and ’accessories’ with scissors.

You can make the old game much more realistic with a box of chalk and some old clothes.



Try painting on wet glue with food colorings. The result will surprise you.


Another fun way to keep your kid busy and entertained. You will need leftover bubble wrap, washable paint and a large piece of wallpaper.


Tape the paper towel roll to the wall.


Let’s go camping! And don’t forget about the indoor ’camp fire’!


You can arrange your own bowling tournament using everyday things like pencil erasers and a marble


 Put a bar of soap in the microwave and get this soap cloud


 If you have stairs in your house, turn them into an indoor slide


Make a rainbow bubble snake