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5 Best Gardens From All Over the World

Wang Shi Yuan, China


A classic scholar’s garden packed with incident in just over an acre, showing complimentary yin and yang contrasts that reward spirit and senses.

Picture: Rory Stuart




Innisfree, USA

150 acre wilderness landscape incorporating lakes, streams, trees, rocks and grass influenced by the Chinese tradition, subtly shaped by man.

Picture: Rory Stuart



The Alhambra, Spain 

Dramatic and simple garden spaces, each with their own atmosphere with the beauty of proportion famed in Islamic gardens.

Picture: Rory Stuart




Hidcote Manor, UK

Johnston’s influential 20th century garden promoting the idea of garden rooms, beautifully designed with hedged compartments to protect his plants *Ninfa, Italy — a romantic ruin garden created by three generations of women, with water everywhere. Achieved with artful care, so that it seems almost natural.

Picture: Rory Stuart


The garden of the Nezu Museum, Japan

A relaxed, natural Japanese garden to be explored. With some classic features, it is unencumbered with religious symbolism.

Picture: Rory Stuart




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