10 Excellent, Super Smart Tips For Packing Your Holiday Suitcase

The common struggle for all of us when traveling is packing.Almost everyone has the same problem – lack of space in suitcase and there is always need for prioritization of the baggage. But dear friends maybe some useful tips will help you to pick up everything you need. maybe you have packaging your things on the wrong way.
So below are some useful tips that will help you a lot in saving the space and bring more while you are traveling. Take a look and enjoy!

1.Don’t stack your clothes — store them rolled up!

wr 1 source

2.Use vacuum bags

wr 2 source

3.Employ the ’pyramid’ principle

wr 3 source

4.Say ’No’ to the umbrella

wr 4 source

5.Buy travel-size cosmetics

wr 5 source

6.Pack small things the right way

wr 6 source

7.Use coat hangers

wr 7 source

8.Don’t pack more medicine than necessary

wr 8 source

9.Don’t leave empty spaces

wr 9 source

10.Only take what’s really useful

wr 10 source

11. And, finally, some more brief but valuable tips:

wr 11 source

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