10 Of The Most Useful Design Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

The problem with the space is common for the most homeowners and we are sure that the most of you are in a continuous searching of tips for making the most of the actual space that they have at home.
A few smart design ideas can change the complete look of your home and make it more spacious. Grab some idea below and enjoy!

Mirrored furniture

Add mirror panels to built-in cupboard or closet doors, this will add a depth to your room and it will look more spacious

1mebelvs / susandianaharris

Light-colored walls

Dark colors are cozy but they can make your bedroom look smaller. If you have small apartment than definitely you should use white or light colors your interior

2foto-remonta / penza.online-interiors

Glass furniture

Glass furniture is ideal for tiny kitchen and small rooms this will definitely add a sense of space in your home

3meb-mig / neo-furniture

Multi-functional sofa

Cozy multy  functional sofa will make an excellent alternative to a double bed

4psdesigno / decoactual

Proper interior lighting

Circular ceiling light fixtures, an ideal solution for small spaces also feel free to use more lights you know the more light the better

5fotodekora / nohomedesign

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Souvenirs, vases, magazines and other unnecessary things definitely should not be in your living room.

6housesdesign / interiordesignforhouses


Or if you can not throw them away just hide it

7fasonmebel / design96

Multi level ceilings

8homedesigns / stroystory

Space-saving furniture

having a corner sofa instead of 2 separate sofas is wonderful space saver


Pictures on the wall

Too many pictures and especially i they are with different sizes will make your home messy instead put one large painting in a certain wall space

10sklarfurnishings / designlinesltd

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