10 Spectacular Borders Between Countries That Shatter All Stereotypes

The first thing that comes in my mind when i hear state – country border it associates me on fence, ramp border police e.t.c. But there are really amazing borders between countries that really shatter all stereotypes.
In some countries boarders are just symbolic lines. There are 10 examples below that are so impressice you must see them. Enjoy!

Germany — Czech Republic

xe 1 source

Sweden — Finland

xe 2 source

Norway — Sweden

xe 3 source

Poland — Ukraine

xe 4 source

Argentina — Brazil — Paraguay

xe 5 source

Brazil — Uruguay

xe 6 source

Canada — United States

xe 7 source

Belgium — Netherlands

xe 8 source

China — Mongolia

xe 9 source

Russia — United States

xe 10 source

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