12 Impressive Pieces Of Children’s Writing That Deserve Awards

The kids are so real and they can be so creative when they get chance. The most of them can express their creativity during the school tests and exercises especially in the writing.
Below we have found some truly impressive writing by the kids that really deserves true awards. Take a look and enjoy!

The Nobel Prize for Literature

xd 1 source

The Doctor House Prize

xd 2 source

An Award in the Fine Arts

xd 3 source

The Prize for Choosing the Right Profession

xd 4 source

The ’Ambition’ Award

xd 5 source

The Award for Diplomacy

xd 6 source

The ’Friendship’ Award

xd 7 source

The ’Best Friend’ Award

xd 8 source

The ’Best Wishes’ Award

xd 9 source

The ’Best Son’ Award

xd 10 source

The Golden Ball Prize

xd 11 source

The Prize for Language Abilities

xd 12 source

The ’Profession of the Future’ Award

xd 13 source

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