15 Brilliant And Fun DIY Crafts To Make With Popsicle Sticks

 This summer enjoy and refresh yourself in the hot days, buy different flavors of Ice creams but choose from those on sticks. For your whole family, boys and girls will love them and the enjoyment will be great not only in eating it but in collecting those sticks and reuse them in funny and creative crafts. So, don’t throw away in the trash and hold as much as you can. This time we decide to reuse and recycle Popsicle sticks, because they are inexpensive, they are fun and give infinite options for imagination and crafting you can create using them.

There are lot of amazing projects and possibilities to do adorable things, cutest crafts, DIY decor items, kid’s toys or handmade gifts. It is also interesting and useful how kids can be involved and what they can do with those simple wooden sticks. Popsicle can be taped, glued or fit together to create all diverse and various objects and designs.  In the end you can have colorful bracelets, rainbow wreath, Popsicle stick house, boxes and many more unique, personalized and low cost items. These next tutorials show how to reuse your Popsicle in easy and versatile ways.

1.Colorful bracelet

popsicles 1source

2. DIY Fairy door

popsicles 2source

3. Flower garden with letters

popsicles 3source

4.Personalized photo frame

popsicles 4source

5. Initial plaque

popsicles 5source

6. Brilliant idea for renewed magnets

popsicles 6source

7. Creative coasters

popsicles 7source

8. Cute bird feeders

popsicles 8source

9. Hanging Popsicle as wind catcher

popsicles 9source

10.  Wood Chandelier

popsicles 10source

11. Adorable and useful baskets

popsicles 11source

12. Rainbow Popsicle wreath

popsicles 12source

13. Unique artwork :cute and colorful wax paper lantern

popsicles 13source

14. Cute pencil holder

popsicles 14source

15. Awesome flower vase

popsicles 15source




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