11 Incredibly Hilarious Notes From Moms And Dads

Our family i mean our mums and dads are ready to do anything for us to make up happy and to bring us the the right way. They never stop caring about their kids and this is their life. Sometimes it is hard to manage the time for everything but the are looking the perfect ways.
Some of them have absolutely creative way to stay in touch with their kids and they are must see. Take a look below and enjoy!

Thanks, Mom! Hardtacks are very much like a pie.

xg 1 source

All parents should really consider this for their kids.

xg 2  source

I just wanted to help.

xg 3  source

I think I should go and buy napkins ASAP.

xg 4  source

Mom is always right.

xg 5  source

You’d better not mess with it!

xg 6  source

Well, it’s a good piece of advice.

xg 7  source

Everything’s clear now.

xg 8  source

A bitter truth…

xg 9  source

Mom, why didn’t you write it all in a single note?!

xg 10 xg 11  source

While there is life there is hope.

xg 12  source

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