10 Things You Can Freeze to Save Time and Money

There are a lot of reasons why you can freeze food and other groceries. Maybe there’s a sale and you find your lovely ingredient for a twice lower price and you can not take a bit more, also if you want to eat your meal fresh but i has been prepared earlier.

Maybe you didn’t know that you could some of the things that are on this article below could be freezed and now you will be surprised but these are very useful time and money saving tips that everyone must know. Take a look below and enjoy!


Freeze blocks of cheese right in the package, just let it thaw out completely before using to avoid crumbles       1     source


Cook a big batch of rice, then spread it out on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once it’s frozen, put it in a freezer bag for easy grab-and-use rice


Mashed potatoes

Scoop mashed potatoes onto a cookie sheet and freeze until hard. Transfer into a freezer bag, and they’re good for two months.



Spread the fruit out on a cookie sheet and then freeze. Once frozen, place the fruit into bags. Freezing on a cookie sheet first will keep the fruit from clumping together in storage.


Diced veggies

just chop them up and throw away directly into the freezer


Homemade pancakes and waffles

Freeze them on a cookie sheet, then package them up and thaw when you’re hungry using the microwave or toaster7source


Bake your pies first, them freeze them wrapped in freezer paper, For serving it again you will need to cook for two hours at 200 degrees.8source


Place tomatoes in a freezer bag, and freeze. Stop worrying about your tomatoes going bad this way!



Stock up on juice when it goes on sale by storing it in the freezer. Just make sure there’s room at the top for expansion.11source

 Potato chips

Keep potato chips fresher longer by storing them in the freezer.11source

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