11 Absolutely Great Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That Will Forever Change Your Life

For everyone that hate cleaning and that is always lazy when it comes about cleaning your home these 11 hacks are the right choice for you. These hacks will help you to make your home shine easy with no effort.
If you try using all these clever advice you will never feel bored while you are cleaning your home. You could completely enjoy in your lazy status and your home will be always clean like never before. Absolutely great and life changing you must try all these hacks. Enjoy!

1.Make oven cleaning easier with an oven liner

dzb 1 source

2.Reduce musty smells with the simple slice of an onion

dzb 2 source

3.Clean Coffee Stains from Mugs

dzb 3


4.Never wash another bowl or plate

dzb 4 source

5. Make your home smell instantly better

dzb 5 source

6.Clean your keyboard

dzb 7 source

7.Use old dryer sheets to quickly erase water spots on mirrors

dzb 8 source

8.Bialetti Pasta Pot

dzb 9 source

9.Clean your elements with ease

dzb 10 source

10.Prevent dusting: give your house a good wipe down with dryer sheets

dzb 11 source

11. How to clean your dishwasher


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