12 Easy and Life Changing Ways To Transform Your Everyday Things

Hey everyone probably you all have old things at home and you old thing how to get rid of how to throw it away to sell it or maybe give them to other or maybe you are creative and you need a few ideas how to transform them and make it modern funny and most useful. It is a good idea to get creative and think of cool new things that you can do with your old things to add a decorative or functional touch to your home. That are so many good ideas around the net and we tried to bring you here the most impressive by our opinion that you will want to know to learn and to use it. Take a look in the pictures and enjoy!

1.Use a claw hair clip to hold a towel in place

ft 1 source

2.Teacup Gardens {5 Minute Miniature Container Garden}

ft 2 source

3. Use a child’s floatie to protect a bottle of wine in your luggage.

ft 3 source

4.Repurposed: Dessert Stand

ft 4 source

5.Clever Hardware

ft 5 source


ft 6 source

7.Andy hacks ‘em

ft 7 source


ft 8 source

9. Turn a crib into a table by adding a glass top

ft 9 source

10. Use wine corks as a bag closer

ft 10 source

11.DIY Ideas for Wine Glass Rack That Are Easy To Do

ft 11 source

12. An instant dust pan


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