12 Flawless Camera Hacks To Take Perfect Picture On The Easiest Way

Since we are living in the world of new technologies and day after day we become more and more addicted to social networks each one of is taking hundreds of photos daily. We know that and we want to help you little with sharing a few incredibly tips that could make taking a flawless photos a bit easier. We are not all professional photographers and we do not have a big budget to buy all tools that are needed for taking a professional perfect photos, so definitely these tips below are right for everyone. There are plenty of DIY ways you can improve your photographs, and also some good ideas how to pick a good travel camera. Check out these 12 amazing DIY camera hacks and start take the best photos. Enjoy!

1.Easy DIY Lens Hood

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2.DIY Photography Hacks: reduce camera shake with a bag of lentils

Ben Birchall - 07872653362 dlb 3 source

3.DIY Photography Hacks: make a lightbox using a window and paper

dlb 4 source

4.Create photo haze with a sandwich bag

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5.Turn your phone into a shutter remote with Trigger Trap

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6.DIY Camera Case for the Diana Mini

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dlb 8 source

8.Diffuse flash with an empty milk carton

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9.DIY Photography Hacks: make a powerful macro lens with an empty toilet paper tube


dlb 10 source


dlb 11 source

11.Use a Dab of Vaseline to Take Vintage-Style Photos

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12.DIY Photography Hacks: creative lighting accessories you can make in your kitchen

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