12 Impressive Inventions Which Everyone Should Have Access To

Dear friends the small things that could become a problem in our life and that could ruin your day are getting fixed by the innovators. I like those smart people that made incredibly amazing innovation that impress me always.
There are some inventions that we thing everyone must have it and should have access to it because they really make our life easier. We hope that in near future these inventions below will be available everywhere. Take a look below and see those impressive inventions. Enjoy!

Scotch tape which you don’t have to cut through

fq 1

fq 2 source

The mug which gathers up droplets of coffee

fq 3 source

The cinema with sofas and pillows

fq 4 source

The power outlet with a built-in extension cord

fq 6 source

The perfect trash can

fq 7 source

The phone charger powered by the temperature of your drink

fq 8 source

…and the one powered by solar batteries

fq 9 source

These beautiful bike racks don’t take up space on the sidewalk when they’re not in use.

fq 10 source

Batteries you can charge using a USB outlet

fq 11 source

These funny warning signs

fq 12 source

Power outlets with sockets for USBs

fq 13 source

The power extension which you can extend yourself

fq 14 fq 15 source

New innovative spoon for yogurt

inovative spoonsource

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