12 Smart Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Little Easier

Hey everyone. In this wonderful article today we have picked up for you super smart life hacks that help us tackle the everyday problems that we face.
With a smart using of the simple things that are around us we could completely change our life into better. We are sure that this collection will optimize your everyday routine. See this smart life hacks below and enjoy!

1.Use a staple remover make it easier to add new keys to a key ring

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2.Poke holes in the foil seals of oil, salad dressing, syrup bottles etc. with a fork to control the flow of the liquid

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3.When you make hard-boil eggs, put a few drops of balsamic vinegar in the water to slightly tint the shells.

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4.Soak your popcorn kernels in water for a few minutes before popping

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5.Put a marshmallow in the bottom of ice cream cones before filling them

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6.Use a fork to keep taco shells steady while filling them up

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7.When toasting bread for sandwiches, put two slices of bread in one toaster slot

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8.When microwaving pizza, put a small glass of water in the microwave to keep the crust from getting chewy.

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9.Cut the top off a plastic water bottle and use it to close bags of chocolate chips, marshmallows etc

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10.Use a paper clip to help put on a bracelet when you don’t have anyone to help you!

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11.Use a paper clip to mark the end of a roll of tape.

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12.Put a stocking over the end of a vacuum attachment when you’ve dropped small items on the floor

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