12 Totally Useful Hacks To Make Your Home More Stylish

Every homeowner want to leave in a dream home, with all needed enjoyments and things. We do our best to make our home the place that we have always dream about, to make it always more stylish and to be with the latest trends.
Even if you do not a big budget there are some tricks and tips that will help you a lot. We have made a small collection of the best hacks the every homeowner should know for having a more stylish home.

Mirrors give the illusion of space

Place mirrors on closet doors to refresh the interior and visually expand a small room


A small mirror can become a cute decoration

You can turn an ordinary plastic-framed mirror into a beautiful interior decoration using rope and glue


Make a lamp shade a piece of art

Replace your old lamp shade with a new and stylish one


A long shower curtain makes the bathroom look more spacious

Use the same idea to get the illusion of a high ceiling in the bathroom; just hang a long shower curtain close to the ceiling.


Create an unusual rod for curtains

An unusual rod for curtains will emphasize the style of the interior and show off your great taste.


Creative ties will make curtains look attractive

To check out other ways to decorate curtains, click here


New handles will refresh your cupboards

No need to buy new furniture to refresh the interior. Sometimes, new small details are all you need to drastically change the room.


Make cables part of the decoration

Besides hiding wires and cables, you can also situate the cables in different ways to make them look more attractive


Paint linoleum to upgrade the floor

refresh old linoleum by painting wide contrasting stripes on it.

Hide a bed behind curtains


Use a radiator as an accent


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