13 Thrilling Beach Themed decor ideas you can DIY

There is something simply wonderful and beautiful about beach life and divine summertime. Gorgeous sunsets, sunlight’s, beautiful sunrises, breeze and the sound of the sea are some of the attractive feelings that can be filed by the lovely beach.  The presence of all these nature phenomena and appearances make all of us feel calm and relaxed.  Everyone is deeply inspired and in the mood when it comes to word about summer holidays, precious moments and unforgettable memories taken from the sea atmosphere. If you are one of those addicted and in love with every simple thing when it comes to word about beach and summer, and you want to retain in that mood for a long time it is perfect time to enjoy at home and to introduce some natural decorations to your place of leaving from the sea and beach gear. There are plenty of items that can be used to create an eye-catching beach style by your own. Use the seashells, stars, the fine sand, corals and try some of the next 13 thrilling beach themed decor ideas as perfect accessories to liven and lighten up your house space and memorize your great summer moments. Have fun and happy beach crafting!

1.Coastal  rope mirror with starfish

beach 1source

2. Cute sand bowls

beach 2source

3. Pretty beach-chic lights

beach 3source

4. Fabulous driftwood fish

beach 4source

5. DIY Shell garland

beach 5source

6. Ocean Painting Wall Art

beach 6source

7. Coral”  with wire and a hot glue gun

beach 7source

8. Beach momentous in a bottle

beach 8source

9. DIY Sand Photo frames

beach 9source

10. Vertical display of seaside treasures

beach 10source

11. Pillows with beach theme

beach 11source

12. Beach inspired dream catcher

beach 12source

13.Mini beach terrarium

beach 13source


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