14 Super Easy and Healthy Summer Ombre Smoothie Recipes

Every day we listen, read and meet with plenty of photos, recipes, food and drinks that are healthy for consuming and have excellent influence in maintaining our health, strong and well-built immunity. In this post we have presented the well-known and very popular Smoothie recipes, for which more often we heard about.Summer is time of the year when there are plenty of variety available various fruits and vegetables, which combined with other ingredients are an excellent base to create a true hospitality masterpiece in glass. Great morning drink, that refreshes and contains a large amount of vitamins, so we can freely say that is it real energy and vitamin bomb. Not only delicious but also it looks great. Different colors and shades can be obtained depending on the ingredients that are mixed and used. There are numerous variations of healthy smoothie recipes, but most attractive and striking layered smoothies or known also as ombre smoothies.All you need is to spent an extra time and minutes in the kitchen and to try to make some of the next 14 super easy and healthy summer ombre smoothies and later to enjoy not only in its flavor but in its amazing look.

1.Tropical Ombre Smoothie

smoothie 2 source

2. Pink Yellow Combination

smoothie 3 source

3.Sweet and  Nutritious Smoothie

smoothie 4source

4. Choc-Banana Smoothie

smoothie 5source

5.  Rainbow colored smoothie

smoothie 6source

6. Coconut-mango mix ombre smoothie

smoothie 8source

7.Pink Berries Smoothie

smoothie 9source

8. Blueberries in ombre variation

smoothie 1source

9. Cacao Blueberry Layer

smothie 9source

10. Green layered smoothie

smoothie 11source

11. Two colored smoothie

smothie 10source 

12. Triple Berries Ombre smoothie

smoothie 12source

13. Summer colored smoothie

smoothie 13source

14. Color play smoothie

smoothie 14source

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