22 Small Dog Breeds For Small Apartment

When you really want to have a pet, but the size of the living space does not allow you to choose between large breeds, you must look for a compromise, and find small dog. And such a compromise can be the search for a breed of small dogs. Among them you will find and simply decorative, even ideal for families with children. Pet lovers have long enjoyed the popularity of small dog breeds. These small, charming animals often have a cheerful, friendly character and sincerely love their masters. To have a miniature dog does not need a lot of space, he can live in a small house or apartment.  Such breeds of small dogs can certainly travel with their master, dressed in beautiful clothes, make hairstyles. Due to their small stature, they enjoy the love of both children and adults. However, you should know that such small breeds of dogs are not cheap.

A small dog breeds for the apartment

So, first pick the perfect pet for families with children living in the apartment. Among small dogs the Basenji breed is a rarity. But it tend to be an ideal pet for apartment building residents, because they almost never barks. Plus, this is an incredibly clean dog. Among the ornamental small breeds, the poodle will find common ground with the child. This pet will please you with its loyalty and desire to always spend time together. But for the people that are employed, this option simply does not work. Recognized and loved by many in the breed of small dogs is the beagle. The dog is friendly and active, very cheerful for the house. Strange, but only a child is usually his best friend and from the whole family.

Shih Tzu breed, can be incredibly gentle pets for the apartment. This is a domestic psychologist from the world of quadrupeds. The dog is very kind, if not wise. Get close to everyone, but you need to pay a lot of attention. If you are looking for a house bell protector and you are ready it to become the center of your world, feel free to choose a Pomeranian flair. Chihuahua. This animal is a good choice for keeping in a small apartment. Weigh such a dog about 2.5 kg, and its height reaches 22 cm. A dog is very attached to its owner and can be jealous of other family members. Pembroke Welsh Corgi – These little dogs are loyal, kind and lovely. They are undemanding and can live in all conditions, like travel. The animal will become a great partner for an adult and a friend for a child.

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