3 Tips on How to Travel Safely With Your Dog

Whether you plan to travel with your dog by automobile, plane, or train, making the necessary preparations and taking appropriate precautionary measures to ensure safe and enjoyable travel is essential for you and your pet. Here are some few tips to make your furry friend as safe and as happy as can be while enjoying a fun and exciting trip.

1. Research On Dog-Friendly Lodging

Never assume that all hotels and campgrounds accommodate dogs. Many won’t and some of the ones that do charge exorbitant rates. Some have policies on weight limits while others won’t host certain types of dog breeds. Before you embark on your travels, call the hotels directly to confirm their pet policies.

Some renowned hotel chains have exceptional dog travel policies and welcome pets to every part of their property without charging any additional fee. Therefore, you might want to consider such hotels during your search for the right accommodation. While in the hotel room, use a soft kennel or pet carrier. Not only will your pet be comfortable in the carrier, but it’s much safer too.

2. Make Sure Your Dog Is Up For the Trip

It can be quite unfortunate if you discover midway through your epic weekend adventure that your canine friend is carsick. It is important to note that some pets are not healthy enough or lack the temperament for traveling and it might not be a good idea to force your pet.

Never assume that simply because the last dog you had was great with such trips and her pups will be too. Start several weeks before the main trip; start by taking your dog on short trips and remember to use the crate that you intend to use during the road trip. According to the Pampered Pup, the wired dog crates are the most ideal for travel purposes and typically, most wire crates easily collapse thus making them easier to transport. Experts suggest that you do everything to make the dog crate a happy place for your canine friend. Make it comfortable enough that they’ll want to ride in it by putting his favorite toys and familiar blankets.


3. Pack Their Food, Medication, and Water

When traveling with your canine friend, pack plenty of dog food. Traveling puts a great amount of stress on your furry friend and the last thing you want to do is to change his eating habits as you hit the road. If you suspect your return home might be somehow delayed, then you might want to consider carrying a bit extra.It’s also always a good idea to stay covered with pet insurance. Bivvy offers some cheap and reliable plans worth checking out

Also remember to carry plenty of water, either in the form of bottled water or in jugs from the taps in your home. Since pets can be sensitive to whatever is in the water, you need to make sure it’s clean water.

As you plan to hit the road with your canine friend; whether you’re taking a short trip or going cross-country, consider implementing the tips we provide above for a safe and enjoyable journey. The tips will help you make the necessary preparations for a safe and memorable trip.

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