5 Basics Training- How to Train Your Dogs

Dog training is a process that does not end. However, not all skills are important. When you train your dog, you prepare your dog for a lifelong of good behavior. Having a trained dog can be helpful as it will be easier to deal with it in case it starts to behave badly. Remember, a dog will develop behaviors as it continues to grow and not training it earlier could make it hard for you to control your dog in case it starts to misbehave in the future.

So where do you train your dog? It’s simple; you may either train it yourself or take a class. But the best of all would be to train it yourself.

Once you bring your dog at home, you need to train it essential discipline and respect. Note that once you train your dog, it will be fun to live with and will make life easier and enjoyable for both of you.

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At dogproductpicker.com we advise dog owners to observe the following before starting to train a dog.

  • You must be patient
  • Do not be too hard on your dog when you start training it
  • Keep the training session short and simple
  • Do not punish your dog
  • The training should be fun and enjoyable
  • Be consistent and regular on the training
  • Always train your dog in a quiet place
  • Train yourself as you train your dog

Here are the five basic dog trainings

  1. Come

The come command is an important skill to train your dog as it will help to keep your dog out of trouble or make your dog come back when it goes out of the room. It also helps to protect your dog from potentially dangerous situations, for instance, your dog may want to jump out of the window and may be you live with it at the 10th floor in your apartment.

To train your dog to come, put a leash and a collar on it then gently say “Come” while pulling the leash slowly. Your dog might not be able to understand when starting but with time, it will get used to it and will come whenever you call it. Remember to give it a treat when it gets to you. After your dog masters this command, you can then remove the leash and do it in an enclosed place.

  1. Sit

You could either start with the “Come” command or “Sit” command. But this one should be the best to start with when training your furry friend. It’s the easiest of all, bearing in mind that a dog can sit on its own. You just need to ensure the dog can do as you command it to.

To train your dog the “Sit” command, you need to hold a treat near your dog’s nose, right in front and move your hand up with the treat so that his head follows the treat as his butt goes down. Once his butt reaches the floor, say “Sit” and give him the treat. Do this repeatedly every day until your dog gets accustomed to it.

  1. Stay

Once your dog has mastered the “Sit’ command, you can then attempt the “Stay” command.  This command also helps to keep your dog safe from harm.

First, you need to ask your dog to “Sit”. Once he sits down, hold your hand and say “Stay”. Take some few steps back and reward your dog if he “Sits”.

Do this regularly until your dog knows that when he sits, he will get a treat. Remember, since this command trains your dog self-control, it might take time before your dog can master it, that’s why we advised you to be patient as you train your dog.

  1. Leave It

Another command that helps to keep your dog safe is “Leave it”. Your dog may have picked up something poisonous and want to swallow it or another dog might be growling at it. When you train your dog the “Leave it” command, it will be able to drop something it has picked or get away from a dangerous situation.

Here is how to train your dog the “Leave it”

  • Ensure your dog in in a sit position
  • Hold a treat in your hand and show it, then say “Leave it” and place the treat down in a place it cannot be seen.
  • Your dog will try to grab the treat. It will sniff everywhere and when she tires, say “Leave it” and give it a treat.
  • Repeat this process until your dog masters it.
  1. Down

This is believed to be the most difficult command your dog can master.

Here, you will need to pick a smelling treat and hold it in your closed palm. Ensure your dog is sitting in front of you so that you can hold the treat near its face. When your dog sniffs the treat, move your hand down, so that it follows your hand. Move your hand slow away from the dog to make his body to follow his head. Once he has reached down, say “Down” and then if he does the down position, give your dog a treat.

Final Words

Sometimes during the process, you may seek help from a good dog trainer to help you if you get stuck so that you can achieve your goals. Remember, this will also make it easy for your dog to master the commands easily.

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