7 Incredible Facts About Food That Will Seriously Impress You

Dear friends there are many mysteries hidden in everyday things. And especially in the food there are some impressive secrets that you should know. Here are 7 of them that we want to share with you.Take a look below and enjoy!

Chili peppers

If you think that the color of the chili pepper reveals something than you are in a big dilemma. Actually the color is not important but you should pay attention to its size — the smaller it is, the hotter it will be.

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It is very strange but mosquitoes are actually attracted to people who’ve recently consumed a banana

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seriously unpredictable fruit

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One more about avocados

Never, ever feed birds avocado, even if they clearly want it themselves. It’s very poisonous for them.

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Gravity sometimes likes to make fun of you when you want a drink.

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Bottled water

In every one of these bottles, the water is slightly different. You’ll never find two sources of water that are exactly the same.

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Food coloring

Coloring in food makes kids hyperactive, especially if it’s a red or yellow food coloring.

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Actually coffee beans are not real beans they are berries.

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You should never drink tea that isn’t freshly brewed. The Japanese have a saying: ’Yesterday’s tea bites worse than a snake.’ Cold tea irritates the walls of the stomach, so much so that the Chinese consider it the same as poison.

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Honey is immortal. The oldest pot of honey that is still edible (!) was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter — in the tomb of Egyptian pharoah Tutankhamun. It was tested by biologists and found to still be fit for consumption.

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If an egg rises to the surface when placed in some water, it’s no longer edible

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Food’s greatest secret

Food is always tastier at night.

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