7 Things You Should Remember in Roofing Your Home

The roof is the most important part of your house. It protects you, your family, and your properties from adverse weather condition. With time it wears off and needs repair. So whether it is a new roof or an old one that needs to be replaced, you need to plan adequately.


To ensure you get everything right, here are 7 things you should remember in roofing your home.

1. Know your Contractor

Before you let the contractor work on your roof, know them well. Like do they have adequate insurance cover, what warranties do they offer and their previous work done just to be sure they are qualified. Also, of importance is to ensure they have proper work permits and everything that pertains to construction regulation as per your region. If you’re looking for an Atlanta roofing company, you’ll find that Team Roofing is an excellent option as they meet all these requirements. 

2. Layering or Stripping

Whether to put a new shingle altogether or to put a new layer on top of the old one is something you will have to decide keenly for yourself. Layering may be easier, less costly and less time consuming, but proves expensive in the end. It reduces the life of the new shingle due to the moisture and heat build up.

3. Ventilation

To ensure your roof lasts long, ensure it has proper ventilation. Make sure your contractor assures you of the best vents and ventilation mechanism for the roof. This goes a long way to help trap moisture during winter and the modulation of attic temperature in summer.

4. Wind Resistance

If you live in areas susceptible to tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms, you might as well consider having roofing materials that can withstand strong winds. Wind speed warranties range from 60-130 miles per hour, and hence you should go for a shingle with a speed warranty that fits your area. That aside, ensure it is correctly installed as it could mean the difference between just having a roof and your protection.

5. Protective Covering

Water and ice can be destructive to your house, especially if it falls directly on the walls. However, shingles should not be put directly on without protective coverings, especially if you live in areas with high rainfall and snow. Additional materials needed for installation such as drip edges, fasteners should be used to ensure proper roofing as agreed in the contract.

6. Have a Contract

The most important thing to remember before roofing your home is to always have a contract. Most roofing companies Tulsa Oklahoma will give you this without a hustle. It should have details of everything from the type of roofing material, color, cost, to what work is to be done. Also, be sure to seek clarification from the contractor until you are satisfied with what you want.

7. Price

While it is naturally always to consider the cheapest option, it should not be so when it comes to roofing your house. Also, it does not mean that an overpriced cost will translate to good work done. Always go for quality over price.

Since roofing is likely a one time job, most contractors will not care about quality as they will not count on repeat work. And since it is your home and you want to enjoy every time in there, extra homework on the company you give the contract. Go for the one with experience and many positive reviews.


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