8 Fun Activities To Do In Your Next Glamping Vacation

If you’re planning another outdoor activity to do with your friends and family, why not consider planning a glamping trip for your next vacay? Glamping is quite similar to camping. The only difference is that glamping is more luxurious than camping. You see, if you go camping, you use tents. But if you go for a glamping trip, you can use these massive tent-like rooms or a camper van with complete amenities such as a bathroom, tiny kitchen, modern entertainment, and air conditioning.

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That’s why it’s called glamping because it’s the combination of the word ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’, hence, glamping. When going on a glamping trip, you also have the option to visit camping sites with ready-made cabins or deluxe tents or you can bring your own luxury tent or yurt cabin kits from Luxury Yurts and other suppliers. Ultimately, a glamping vacation can be a perfect way to give yourself a break while surrounding yourself with a touch of luxury in the middle of the woods.

For a better glamping experience, here are eight fun activities you can do with your family and friends for your next glamping vacation.

  1. Go Fishing

If your chosen glamping site is near the lakes or rivers, you’re on the right spot to go fishing. Fishing can be an enjoyable activity, especially for kids who’ve never done it before and would love to do something to get their hands dirty. So, take your friends or kids with you on the river bank and teach them how to catch a fish. You can also go canoeing or boating while catching your fish and cook it for the night’s dinner.

  1. Hiking

Most glamping sites can be found near the mountains, hills, or immersed in the deep, green forest. As the sun rises, you can use this time to start hiking in the mountains or deep into the woods with your group. This way, while you’re enjoying the breathtaking beauty of nature, you also benefit from the physical exercise you get from hiking. The more intense your hiking activity will be, the easier it’ll be for everyone to sleep later at night. Just make sure that when you go glamping, you’ve also brought proper gears, attires, and shoes for hiking.

  1. Mountain Biking

Meanwhile, if you and your companions are skillful mountain bikers, you can use this opportunity to explore new mountain trails near your glamping site while riding on two wheels. Mountain biking can be one of the most thrilling activities you can do as a group. However, make sure only to try this activity if you and your friends had trained for this before and tried biking on rough roads. Otherwise, it’s best to stick to hiking for safety purposes. You may not need to bring your own mountain bikes as some local shops are available for bike rentals.

  1. Play Games

Bringing board games and a deck of cards in your glamping trip can be great sources of entertainment. During the night of your glamping trip, you can gather around and have some fun competitions during chess games, Monopoly, or card games. You can even use an empty bottle for a spin-the-bottle game and do the truth-or-dare to spice up the night’s entertainment. Just make sure to call your glamping provider to see if they already have board games available, and you wouldn’t need to bring your own.

  1. Play Music

For families with a passion for music, your glamping vacation may be the perfect time to reconnect with your music hobby. You can take with you some portable musical instruments such as guitar, piano, flute, etc. You can play music and sing songs in front of the campfire or do this while getting comfy inside your glamping bed. Just remember not to get too loud so you wouldn’t disturb the neighboring campers.

  1. Cook Campfire Food

Most glamping sites offer a private firepit for every tent so that every camping group gets to experience and cook their own campfire food. S’mores are the most popular campfire food, but you can also prepare healthier food choices such as grilled fish (the one you caught earlier), corn on the cob, grilled meats, and a skewer of veggies.

It may be a good idea to contact your glamping rental provider first and inquire what type of campfire setup they have. This will give you an idea of which cooking equipment you should bring for the trip.

  1. Enjoy A Local Drink By The Fire

For glampers over 21 years old, have a stroll during the day and get some local beers, liquor, or wine to take with you back into the glamping site. As the night creeps in, you and your friends can enjoy your locally bought drinks by the fire and have some fun, late-night conversations.

  1. Relax

The main point of a glamping vacation is to give you a quick break from all the stress of the outside world. So, after all the activities you get to enjoy with your family or friends, make sure to set aside time to completely relax and just do nothing. Pull out your favorite book or listen to your favorite music while you sit outdoors and enjoy nature’s view.



The list of activities for your glamping vacation is almost infinite. But if you haven’t come up with your own ideas yet, this list is a great way to start, so schedule your next glamping vacation now!

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