8 Traveling Influenced Wall and Room Decor Ideas

Do you want to put your favorite photos, postcards, or other travel souvenirs on display? If yes, then you should know the ways to decorate your home with traveling-influenced items.

Don’t simply throw your maps or other items out the window when you get back from vacation! Many of these paper maps and antique pieces create one-of-a-kind, personalized artwork.

It also can be cost-effective and make your wall more attractive. Ideas like hanging Polaroid photos, sea creatures, stylish globe, and wall art with surfing are the best to decorate the wall.

Any room in your house can be transformed into a haven for wanderlust. Below ideas can help to decor your room or walls in a fruitful way.

Let’s start!

 1. Add Palm in rooms for beach-inspired decoration

You can add palm fronds in simple white vases to make a natural and architectural statement. The palm fronds’ splayed leaves have a vibrant green color and clean architectural lines that contrast beautifully with any background in your room.

Palm fronds are not only used for decoration purposes but also as a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life.

While adding simple white vases with palm fronds that have a soft profile that emphasizes the fronds’ natural beauty without being distracting.  Also, it looks great in the living room and bedroom as well.

 2. Hanging Polaroid photo

wall decor

When compared to modern digital cameras, this fad is focused on nostalgia for the imperfect, organic feel of original Polaroids. As a result, using a Polaroid-style filter on a photograph is a convenient way to transform ordinary, unoriginal photos into something artistic.

You can add your photos in vertical, horizontal, in the shape of a heart, square, or circle. The photographs provide you with traveling vibes and look amazing in your room.

 3. Use a stylish globe


A globe is a classic way to bring travel-inspired decor into the home. You can go with a big blue globe for a classic academic look, a world map wall, or a variety of globe sizes and colors.

It can give your room a stylish look, and you can get support from the globe. You can use it to make a note of your next travel destination.

Another way to use a globe to decorate your room is to write quotations on it and use it as a guest book. It will demonstrate your productivity as well as your desire to explore the globe.

4. Vintage oars on a nautical headboard

Headboards are a great idea if you want a travel theme in your bedroom. Vintage oars can be stacked at various heights to put their soft, weathered wood surface into focus.

If you line them up around the head of the bed, you’ll have a natural resting spot. To bring out the weathered look, position it against a soft blue-gray wall. You can also use it on any colored wall to give your room a unique look.

5. Create a gallery wall with postcards and artwork

Photo and postcard collection is something that every traveller has. So, create a gallery wall in your home with your favorite postcards and photos. Do photography of surfing, traveling, and wildlife. Take prints of those photographs and hang them all together on the wall.

If you choose the prints carefully, they’ll even elevate the decoration of your room. A gallery wall is in trend and can take the interior to the next level.

 6. An out of this world perspective

Mountain peaks that rise to the clouds, a beautiful seaside, lush forests teeming with wildlife?

A stunning 3D mural for the living room is a great way to incorporate a dominant pattern into your interior design. Consider all of the beautiful places you’ve seen around the world and choose the one that left the biggest impact on you. Another good option is to hang a beautiful wall art in the living room.

In your living room or bedroom, you want that view. It’s a fantastic way to jog the memory of events. The picture will bring back memories of that particular adventure every time you look at it.

 7. Treasures inside shelves

When you go anywhere, you not only bring back memories, but also souvenirs, knickknacks, and local crafts. Both of these items are deserving of proper show. One of two choices is available, depending on the overall aesthetic of your home.

Firstly, you can use metal pipes and aged wood to create industrial-style shelves.

Second, small wooden crates that can be hung on the wall can be used to display items such as souvenirs in elegant, ornate frames.

Your objects would appear to be useful museum exhibits in this manner!

 8. Add a map

The most common way to decorate a home with travel-inspired items is to add a map to the wall. There are various ways to use maps in the interior. For example, you can choose bedding with map print or cushions with maps.

Another great way to add maps is the artwork. Opt for a large canvas world map and hang it on a blank wall. Whatever type of map you use, will give your home the wanderlust aura.

Further, adding a map of the city or country on the wall will increase your knowledge about the landscapes of that particular area. Also, it will amaze guests about your style and taste.

The bottom line

Traveling is more than just moving from one place to another. You can collect the items from your travel places. It can inspire you towards your traveling passion and fill your days with unforgettable emotions and experiences.

As every trip provides you new adventures similarly, travel-inspired decorations remind you of those memories again. It is an infinite source of inspiration that can help you create an astonishing home arrangement to truly reflect the person you are.

If you love traveling and want to

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