Award winning Landscapes Taken around the World

Landscape photography is and has been in trend ever since photography has existed. You might have seen breathtaking landscape pictures on the web or on the screensaver feature of your mobile phone. But in this post we are going to tell you about the world’s most famous and award winning landscape pictures taken from across the globe. If you have passion for photography and specifically landscapes then you are surely going to love reading about these award winning magnificent pieces of art.

Award winning Landscapes

8 Best award winning landscapes taken around the world!

Here are some of the most popular landscapes photographs taken from different parts of the world. You can find them and get detailed information about them with the help of modern day reverse image search technology.

1.    Blafellsa, Iceland

This landscape picture has gotten the best landscape photography award for the year 2019. This photo has been captured by the famous photographer Oleg Ershov. You can easily find the details of this picture and the journey of Oleg if you make a reverse search on it. This picture actually showcases the textured sand patterns on the frozen river in Iceland. This kind of landscape is very difficult to capture as it occurs rarely in winters in Iceland.

2.    Fleswick Bay, England

This landscape photograph has also won the best award in the year 2019. This landscape photo has also been captured by the famous Russian photographer Oleg Ershov. This photograph is known to be one of the best ones in the world because it has won in the league where photographers have to submit four different shots of the landscape. This is actually the image of a stone buried in the sand taken in the Fleswick bay of England.

3.    Badain Jaran Desert, China

This landscape has also won an international award for the best landscape photo in 2019. This photograph won second place in its league of four-shot category. This image was captured by Yang Guang in the Badain Jaran Desert of China. This landscape photo shows the terror of white blanket of snow that covers the dark sand of the desert. You can also find a wilted tree in the desert in this image. To get more shots and angles of the image you can make a reverse image search on it.

4.    Hoh Rainforest, Washington

This is another beautiful and award winning landscape photograph that you should know about. This image has won the third position in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year. This photo has been captured by a Canadian photographer named Blake Randall. Blake travelled to Hoh Rainforest in Washington to capture these impressive images of trees that are covered in moss. If you make a reverse image search on this image then you would see different shots of it which would show how the moss has beautifully overgrown on the trees.

5.    Stanley Park, BC, Canada

This landscape photograph has also won third place in the international awards of 2019. This photo has also been captured by the famous Canadian photographer Blake Randall. This image has been captured in British Columbia in the famous Stanley Park. The image showcases a uniquely curved tree in the forest.

6.    The Harvest of Road Salt

This landscape photograph has won first position in the international photography awards 2019. The photo has been captured by the famous French photographer Magali Chesnel. This picture shows the Salin de l’ile Saint Martin which is a very famous salt march in France. This award winning landscape was captured with a drone. If you want to find more fun facts about this image then you can collect data with the help of reverse image search.

7.    Grizzly Lake, Yukon, Canada

This image has also won international awards in 2019’s photography awards. The landscape award has been captured by Randall in the Grizzly Lake in Yukon. Randall captured dark scenes of the area’s valleys and hills. The natural light of the moon shows the blue lake in the bottom of the picture. To see more images of this scene you have to make a reverse search on it.

8.    West Mongolia

This landscape photo has been captured by the famous Australian photographer Ricardo Da Cunha. He has also received the wildlife in landscape international award. The photo shows the passing storm in the deadly mountains of far west Mongolia. This landscape has won the special award league and is considered to be very unique. This is a true masterpiece and if you want to find more shots of it then we would recommend you to search by the image on Google or use any other well reputed reverse search tool.

Take away

In this post we have discussed some of the best landscape photographs across the globe. If you want to see more of these types of images then you can easily use the reverse image search  and get the relevant and most appealing results!

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