9 Chic DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Batty Wreath


Embellish a traditional twig wreath with some paper bats a la Carina Gardner’s Spider’s Web Bat Wreath. Decorative Halloween-themed paper gives the design a fun-not-scary vibe.

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Pumpkin Bunting


Click here for more detailed information. Hang this book-page bunting from Simple as That on your fence or porch railing for a festive fall look. Repurpose pages from an old book into the individual banner pieces, decorate each with pumpkins crafted from coordinating patterned paper and buttons, and hang them all on a length of twine.

Cameo Pumpkin


Cameo PumpkinGive a pumpkin a sophisticated look with this classic black-and-white cameo design from Design Fluff. Paint a family member’s silhouette onto the flattest side of the squash and trim with a bow.

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Candy Corn Cones


Turn two styrofoam cones into larger-than-life treats. Wind white, orange and yellow yarn around each one, securing with hot glue, to achieve the look of the classic Halloween treat and a great DIY outdoor Halloween decoration.

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Candy Corn Wreath


Upcycle a wreath into a sweet door display with this project from In Between Laundry. Whether it’s a tired wreath you already own or a craft-store clearance item, a fresh coat of spray paint in the trio of candy-corn colors will give it new life.

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Colorful Luminaries


Light up your front stoop with this colorful luminary project from Jedi Craft Girl. Just paint the inside of glass jars with craft paint in the shades of the season and affix cute vinyl cutouts to the outsides.

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Mason Jar Lanterns


Illuminate your front walkway for trick-or-treaters with these cute lanterns on garden hooks from Every Creative Endeavor. Use vinyl stickers in the design of your choice and clear matte spray paint to create the etched-glass look.

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Sequined Pumpkins


Forgo messy pumpkin carving in favor of a 15-minute modern bedazzling project inspired by these gorgeous creations from Making Lemonade. For a beautiful DIY outdoor Halloween decoration, decorate fake pumpkins from the craft store with adhesive rhinestone sheets, rhinestone tape, or assorted sequins and jewels attached with Elmer’s glue.

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Tin Can Luminaries


Click here for more detailed information. Turn empty coffee tins into charming luminaries for a super simple DIY outdoor Halloween decoration with this project from Jolly Mom. Use a hammer and an awl to punch a simple design into the cans, and paint them black for a vintage look.


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