A Guide to Find the Best Orlando Hotels with 18-Year-Old Check-In

Orlando or the City Beautiful in Central Florida is a vacationers’ paradise. The city offers an eclectic mix of dance, music, adventure, and sightseeing in its various attractions. If you are 18, you are in luck with so many things to do.

Cool down at SeaWorld, hop on a hot air balloon, or rent a paddleboat to spend unforgettable vacations here. If you fancy a musical evening with live performances, go to the pubs at Lake Buena Vista.

Whatever you prefer, you need a place to stay to enjoy your time here. Luckily, some Orlando hotels with 18 year old check in will offer the best accommodations money can buy without any age-related restrictions. And here’s a guide to finding them before they are booked out.


Ask About the Local Laws and Restrictions If Any

Hotels in Orlando follow Florida laws regarding age restrictions and guest safety at their properties. Florida statutes do not place any specific age restrictions for hotel reservations. It may range from 18 to 25, depending on a hotel’s preferences.

Most Orlando hotels have no minimum age bar, but they need identification or credit card for check-ins. Be careful because every hotel of a particular brand may not allow 18-year olds. For example, Holiday Inn has age restrictions up to 21 at some properties.

While 21 is the most acceptable age limit, you can still find reservations at 18 if you look at the right places. The age discrimination is mostly due to the drinking age limit (21 years) and the general misconception of labeling teenagers as unruly and irresponsible. So, you can ask the hotel where you seek booking if they have any age restrictions.

Carry an Identification Proof

Although not every hotel in Orlando will ask for an identification document, Florida laws allow them to do so. Some hotels will turn away the guests who fail to meet their staying requirements. Hence, you should carry an identity proof to be on the safer side.

Also, refrain from using fake IDs to avoid legal actions or severe penalties. If you are younger than 18, you can still find Orlando hotels with 18-year-old check-in. Provide a credit card even if it belongs to your parents so that the hotel can bill you for your stay or any property damage.

Some hotels also accept authorization in writing by an adult, preferably a parent or guardian. Inquire about these requirements before availing of the booking to avoid last-minute hassles.

Avail of Advance Bookings

As one of Florida’s most exuberant cities, Orlando gets a fair share of tourists throughout the year. Finding accommodations can be difficult if you aren’t prepared well. You can avoid any glitches in your plan through advance bookings.

You can find information online at the hotel’s website or go through an online review site that offers a detailed overview of your choices with options to book instantly. Look at your options and check the recommendations to make the right choices.

Choose a Hotel at an Appropriate Location

If you are willing to stay in Orlando for an extended period, choose your hotel closer to the prominent attractions. You can also pick a property near the Orlando Airport for travel convenience.

Hotels near SeaWorld are excellent for 18-year-olds traveling with their friends for spending quality time at Orlando’s amusement parks. Marriott Orlando, Renaissance Orlando, and Holiday Inn offer excellent amenities with no age bar and many accommodation options.

Hotels near the airport like La Quinta Inn offer cheap accommodations with quality services and hygienic rooms. If you are to spend most of your time in Lake Buena Vista for its exciting theme parks, you can find hotels like Radisson, Caribe Royale, and Hyatt Place for a comfortable stay.

Save Money on Bookings

A majority of Orlando hotels with 18-year-old check-in offer competitive prices, but they can vary by dates. Sometimes, prices will be high on a specific date due to high demand or any specific city event.

For example, rates can be higher during the International Food & Wine Festival, SeaWorld’s Craft Beer Festival, or Halloween events in the city. To save more money on your bookings, you can avoid these peak timings and shift your bookings by a few days to save up to 20%.

Besides saving money, you will also enjoy your favorite destination without too much crowd in the offseason. If lucky, you may even score with some off-season discounts at some places.

These are some critical factors that can help you select the right hotel allowing 18-year-old check-in in Orlando. If consulting online, look at the websites offering detailed overviews with affiliate linking to make the process faster and easier.

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