An Australian Connection – Finding the Best Travel Option for You

Travel is stressful and it can be difficult to find the perfect route to get to your destination. Searching through countless websites to find the bus trip that fits your budget and gets you there fast takes time. Filtering your search based on whatever field is most important to you can relieve the hassle. Searching for route with 12go helps offer you the bus route that works for you best from Melbourne to Canberra.

Don’t let the difficulty of finding a reasonable bus route impede your time abroad. Simply searching for a route from Melbourne to Canberra will provide you with the trips that fit your needs. Buses, trains, ferries, all will be offered through 12go’s quick thinking algorithm. Focusing on buses connecting you from Melbourne to Canberra, plenty of options are available.

Connect by bus

The average cost of a bus trip between Melbourne and Canberra looks to be around $66 one way. When searching on the website, you can filter your results based on a number of factors. If you want to find the cheapest options first, you can filter based on price. If length of the trip is more your concern, there’s an option to see the shortest route first. Finding the best route for you is made easy by following the steps for searching for trips.

Connecting by bus might be your best option to get from Melbourne to Canberra as it tends to yield the widest range of options. A bus trip could be the shortest available with an average length of 8 hours. You’re also looking at the lowest cost as we’ll discuss soon. Finding the perfect bus route to your destination is made easier by filtering for what suits you best.


As mentioned before, the prices you’ll find on bus trips from Melbourne to Canberra seem to be rather fair. Around $66 is the average for a one-way bus ticket departing from Melbourne. On average, each bus trip will take around 8 hours, making this the most feasible mode of transportation between Melbourne and Canberra.

Other options you may find could be a train route which may not offer a direct path between Melbourne and Canberra, often requiring a secondary mode of transportation. This will drive the price up as you’ll need to pay for a train ticket along with a possible bus ticket. Flights may be offered through regional airlines, but the lack of interest in such a small hop could cause higher fares here as well.

Finding the proper route to get from Melbourne to Canberra can be difficult, but not impossible. Filter through your search results to find the bus trip that matches what you need. Finding an affordable route that takes a short amount of time is possible now, and easy with 12go’s search algorithm. Don’t stress about finding your bus trip out of Melbourne, start with 12go and you can easily access all forms of travel between there and Canberra.

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