Bathroom Ideas to Work Upon and Enjoy

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Your bathroom should be functional and match your lifestyle. There is no need to make your morning and evening routines boring because your bathroom is too simple, dull, or small. Yet, most bathrooms are getting luxury makeovers just to meet their owner’s self-care demands.

You can also tweak your bathroom to go beyond just a functional space. Here are some bathroom ideas you can work upon to make your space enjoyable to your taste.

Add Unique Flooring

In case your bathroom’s floor looks edgy and washed out, you can add a unique flooring for some flair to your space. Tile flooring is a better option, mainly the porcelain and ceramic ones.

Besides, tiles are waterproof, resilient, and relatively less expensive. And the best part is they come in various colors and designs. Hence, you can pick what defines your lifestyle.

Alternatively, you can go for pick and peel tiles. It is perfect for renters as you can just heat it off with a hairdryer when moving out. Similarly, you can play with these removable tiles’ designs to recreate a comfortable and cozy floor.

You can also go for teak floor mats if you don’t want tiles but want a quick fix to your stained bath stall floor. Whatever you choose, ensure the style and colors are in harmony with the rest of your space.

Add Modern Stylish Bathtubs

If you want to take self-care to the next level, you need an exemplary soaking. Bathtubs take care of that. But, there are specific bathtubs that make your bathroom a statement.

Clawfoot Tubs

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You can mix your bathroom enclosure with a freestanding tub for elevated detail and style. But, the ultimate elegance is bestowed on the profile and slippers of clawfoot tubs. Clawfoot tubs with showers are a popular choice for vintage-style bathrooms because they evoke nostalgia. The tub has a tilted back part with tall, straight sides for relaxing while bathing graced with a classic silhouette.

This soaking tub is usually made of cast iron or similar sturdy material. It is supported by four decorative feet, making it an exquisite but incredibly hefty bathroom fixture.

Depending on how gracious you want your space to look, you can go for vintage clawfoot tubs or modern ones. For modern clawfoot shower enclosures, you can choose between three types;

  • Fiberglass clawfoot tubs
  • Acrylic clawfoot tubs
  • Iron Clawfoot tubs

Corner Tubs

Perfect for recreating your own indoor or outdoor jacuzzi. A modern corner tub maximizes bathroom space with an innovative design feature with only one or two sides attached to a wall. Adding cabinetry around it can better enhance the space.

Japanese Tubs

They are an exclusive mark of luxury and a perfect fit for smaller spaces. If you have a smaller bathroom space but still want it to make a bold statement, you can go with it.

After installation, the secret to keeping your bathtub exquisite is regular cleaning techniques. Regular cleaning keeps your bathtub from mold growth and enhances your bathroom appearance.

Add Plants

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You can adopt a biophilic design approach to bring the spa aura into your space. Adding plants to your bathroom space can turn it into a lush, green sanctuary.

Besides, having plants as part of your bathroom decor makes the space more beautiful. The plants also add freshness to the stale air. Choose those that thrive well in warm and humid spaces like aspidistra for the best decor plants.

Get Creative With a Bigger Mirror

It’s common to have a mirror in every bathroom space. But, the placement of the mirror can make it a creative space. For example, placing it slightly above the bathtub (horizontally) creates the illusion of a larger bathroom.

Additionally, you can use a peel and stick mirror frame to add elegance to your mirror. It’s a less expensive way of bringing your mirror decor to life.

Add an Anti-Backsplash

If the backsplash in your bathroom turns your wall into disgusting spots, install the anti-backsplash. You can cover the ugly wall spots using stylish anti-backsplash installation that elevate the details of your space.

The DIY peel and stick tiles resistant to humidity and heat are better and quicker. Although they are easily removable, they are the best fit for renters.

But, as a homeowner, it can give you the convenience and flexibility to bring back the luster of your bathroom wall.

Make the Essentials Cozy

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, all the essentials must be cozy to complement the overall elegance and detail of the space. For example, you can go with a deep black color, a stylish floor mat, and contemporary pendant decoration.

Besides, upgrading into drawers helps keep your space tidy. But, if you’ve limited space, then adding larger drawers may not be an option. Instead, you can go for mini shelving racks to help keep your space tiny.

Add a Customized Shower Bench

A bench makes your space functional. It’ll allow you to sit, relax and wash without the pressure to balance. But, you can customize it into a modern multipurpose feature. You can include storage in it too.

If you’re confused about extending it to the wall or not, just consider how difficult it can be to clean a few inches left between it and the wall. Most would go for wall-to-wall. But, you can settle on what works best for you.

For the bench’s material, go for what matches your lifestyle. You can choose tile, marble, quartz, granite, glass, or wood.

Control Your Light

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Your bathroom should be a soothing sanctuary that relaxes and calms you. Controlling your light is the best way to create such an effect. Lower lighting levels might be critical in recreating a soothing statement. So, you may add dimmers to your bath lighting system.

Take Away

You can recreate your bathroom space from a functional to a luxury statement. First, you’ll need to reduce your bathroom’s visual clutter by adding storage.

Second, you can elevate its detail and style by selecting cozy materials for the wall, floor, and space. For example, you can add a modern bathtub for function and convenience.

Finally, you can control the light and add decor for more ambiance and elegance.

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